Sneak Peek: We are the Answer (and its new cover)


Β© 2016 Dilyana Kyoseva All Rights Reserved

There was something in the air tonight. I felt it as soon as I exited the pub, followed by my brother Everett and two young members of our pack. They seemed unaffected by the strange vibration, the slight electric current that grew stronger as we moved further from the door. I looked around and found the source: a boy – probably still a teen – and human.

His slender body shaking underneath the predatory gaze of my nephew caused my blood to boil. I didn’t even know the human teen and yet I wanted to murder Alec for the way he’d glued his pale eyes on him. My hands shaped into trembling fists as we approached the two, but I knew I had to keep my calm; I was the Beta of the Silver Bullets and I should serve as an example. Besides, Alec had not done anything yet; he just stared at the boy, occasionally bringing a lit cigarette to his lips.

My nostrils flared as we neared them, the scent of the unknown teen intoxicating me. It was literally making me dizzy and faint and my initial surprise to how I’d reacted to him turned into something new: excitement.

These were the signs each of us was told about since childhood. Unexplained emotions, irrational behavior, attraction based solely on casting your gaze upon someone or inhaling their scent; this was how you felt when you recognized your mate.

This boy was my mate; I had finally found my mate!

The urge to protect him, to pull him away from Alec and into the safety of my arms was almost unbearable. But I couldn’t do that. Not yet. After all, we were nothing but strangers as far as he was concerned. But even if he had been acquainted with me, I couldn’t tell him I recognized him as my mate. Due to his species, I had to tread carefully. I had to give him a chance to know me and to fall in love with me. Otherwise I could lose him forever.

If you want a sneak peek to Sentiments & Reason – the story of the Silver Bullets’ Alpha – clickΒ HERE.

Note: I’m currently uploading the We are the Answer draft on wattpad. If you want to read it, click HERE.

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