Blurb Contest (wattpaders only) (ENDED)

Blurb_June challenge header

Those of you who are here because they follow me on wattpad probably know that every other month I organize a contest and the prizes usually are feedback on your work (your entry and one other story) and a shout-out.

In July, the contest is for blurbs. In order to enter, you’ll have to submit your wattpad blurbs (that’s the description to your story) HERE.

Number of winners: Two, but I also give honorable mentions through a one-time shout-out.


– Feedback for everyone who enters.

– I’ll give the stories with the winning blurbs two shout-outs on wattpad where I have over 3.5K followers.

– I’ll add a new chapter of The Contests Book, in which I announce the winners.

– I’ll add the stories with the winning blurbs to my reading list Winners.

About your entries:

– One person can submit up to three (3) blurbs and I’ll pick the one I like best as your entry.

– You can submit blurbs to stories in any genre and any rating (PG, PG-13, M, etc.).

– You can submit blurbs to stories that are completed or ongoing.


Post your entries as a comment in this chapter of The Contest Book, following this format:

Entry Number*:





Link to blurb:

* In order for me to know how many blurbs you are going to enter, please write the number of your entry followed by the total number of entries you’ll submit.

For example: one out of one/two out of three; you can also use digits (1/1, 1/2, etc.)

Example with my own stories:

Entry Number: 1/2

Title: You are the Answer

Author: CatMint5

Genres: Werewolf, Young Adult, LGBT (boyxboy)

Blurb: Riley’s life had not been easy since he came out. His parents kicked him out of the house, his brother turned his back on him and a sadistic potential boyfriend held his arm over the lit fire, laughing as Riley screamed in pain. But that is in the past now. Born an optimist, Riley decides not to give up on life and through a challenge of bravery, he crosses paths with Rhys.


Entry Number: 2/2

Title: Here We Go Again

Author: CatMint5

Genre: Teen Fiction

Blurb: Tyson Williams has his own demons to battle. Growing up in a run-down neighborhood, he learned to rely only on himself. The sole person he enjoys talking to is his childhood friend Angel; everybody else he simply disregards. That is until he runs into a cocky foreign brunette whose provocative attitude makes it impossible for him to ignore her.


Note: In the example, I posted shortened versions of my summaries (blurbs), but you should submit the whole blurb.

DUE DATE for your entries: July 30, 2015


Good luck!

PS: If you have any questions, don’t be shy to ask them through a comment here or in The Contests Book.

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