Character Interview: Alissa Clover Green (The Green Girl Series)


Say hello to Alissa Clover Green – cute, friendly and a tea lover.

Dilyana: Hello, Alice. How are you today?

Alice: Good, good. I was a bit nervous about this interview, but I had a cup of chamomile tea so I’m much calmer now.

Dilyana: Great! How about you tell us a little about yourself?

Alice: Well… *adjusts the strap of her green top* People call me Alice, but my full name is Alissa Clover Green. I’m named after the alyssum flower. You see, it’s a long-standing tradition to name the girls in our family after plants. I have three aunts called Rose, Flora and Azalea.

Dilyana: And where does this tradition come from?

Alice: Long ago, one of our ancestors took interest in herbs, but since it was the time of the witch hunts, her parents kicked her out, frightened of what people would say about their daughter’s fascination. She began a new life, with a new name – Linnea Green. Green because of the plants and Linnea because that is the name of a flower also known as the twinflower. She used to have a twin sister, you see, but the other girl was very sickly and died. Trying to cure her was the reason Linnea was so keen on studying medicine. Anyway, when she had a daughter, Linnea called her Clover and that’s how the tradition started.

Dilyana: Oh, I see.

Alice: *murmurs* But of course you see; you are the one who came up with that…

Dilyana: Anyway… *coughs* Why don’t you tell us how your first story begins?


Alice: Sure. It all started like a teenager’s movie: after yet another fight with my mother, I moved to a new town to live with my aunts. There I met with the bad boys – they aren’t really that bad, by the way; Asher is a real sweetheart – and I started to hang out with them.

Dilyana: And then?

Alice: A bunch of stuff happened. I made new friends, I made new enemies, there were petty quarrels, self-doubt, self-assertion and two guys with guns; and let me tell you this: those weren’t water guns.

Dilyana: Any more details?

Alice: *shakes her head* No. You told me not to give any big spoilers, remember?

Dilyana: *whispers* This isn’t supposed to sound as if it is scripted, Alice! *goes back to her normal tone* At least tell us this: is there a love story in that book?


Alice: Oh, yes. There is a love story in both The Green Girl and its sequel Frost on the Green. Actually, there is more than one love story as some secondary characters are getting together as well.

Dilyana: If you have to compare The Green Girl and Frost on the Green, what would you say of each?

Alice: The Green Girl is more lighthearted than its sequel, although the last chapters are pretty dramatic. Also, Frost on the Green is centered more around my relationship with my (then) boyfriend while The Green Girl is more about life in general. And if someone wants to read a really easy-going story, Dilyana has written a one-shot called When the human’s away, the cat doesn’t play. It’s told from the POV of my pet Chess.


Dilyana: Interesting name for a cat.

Alice: You know his full name is Cheshire Blueberry Green, because I like blueberries; they are my favorite kind of berries.

Dilyana: Mine too. It’s one of the many things you and I have in common, along with being short and having brown hair.

Alice: And loving tea. Don’t forget the tea.

Dilyana: Ah, yes, tea. *spaces out*

Alice: *clears her throat*

Dilyana: So, are we seeing you in any more books?

Alice: Well, I’m mentioned in Here We Go Again, the EpilogueΒ chapter, but it’s just that, a mention.

Dilyana: And apart from cameos?

Alice: I know you are planning to write a short story with Sky and Keegan due to popular demand; I expect I’ll be in it too?

Dilyana: Oh, yes, of course! Caden, Asher and Beth as well.

Alice: I also know that you plan to write a story about Linnea’s life, perhaps in the form of a diary. She lived so many years before me though; there’s no way for me to be a part of that book.

Dilyana: Actually, there is, with another cameo. I can include your thoughts in the last chapter, as if you were rereading the diary and then include a brief interaction between you and the people around you.

Alice: So, several of us could have a cameo in that chapter?

Dilyana: Yep.

Alice: Great! Can we have Chess in there too?

Dilyana: Of course, Chess will be there; people adore him.


Alice: I love him so much! He’s such a clever kitty.

Dilyana: Isn’t he grown-up already?

Alice: I don’t know. You are the one writing the stories.

Dilyana: But this interview isn’t a part of the timeline of the books.

Alice: As I said, you are the writer; you decide.

Dilyana: Alright, alright! I think it’s about time we wrap this up, don’t you?

Alice: But it was so brief!

Dilyana: Maybe we can do this again. I have other people to interview though.

Alice: Are you interviewing other characters?

Dilyana: Well, duh! I just said that.

Alice: *smiles* Great, I can’t wait to read those!

Dilyana: Anything you want to say to our readers before we end this?

Alice: I want to thank those who read the stories with me on wattpad, supported them with votes and gave feedback through comments; some of those were really funny, others were touching, and some inspired Dilyana to write more. If any of you have questions for me, ask them in the comments to this post and I’ll reply; if you want to read the stories with me, click here and you’ll be taken to a reading list with links to all of them.


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