Writing Prompt: Random Books, Random Words


Have you ever started the day, realizing you’re lacking the creative juice?

You got up, sat at your desk or wherever your favorite writing nook is, turned your computer on and then… nothing?

You can’t seem to find anything to write about?

Now might be a good time to take a break from the book you are working on and create something completely unrelated. But how do you come up with that something?

Here is what you can do: pick a random book, open it on a random page and point at a random word; after that, write the word down. Repeat this several times – from eight to twelve works best for me – and once you are done, write a short story with the random words you’ve collected.

What I like about this prompt:

  • Since you have to include certain words, you already have an idea what to write about.
  • You decide on the rules: how long the short story should be, if you are using the words exactly as they appear in the books or include derivatives, if you are using the words in the same order as you’ve taken them from the books, etc.
  • If you really like your short story, you might turn it into a novel.

What I don’t like about this prompt:

  • If you really like your short story, you might turn it into a novel.

Okay, I know I’ve used this in “What I like about this prompt” as well, but there’s a downside to it: if you are already working on a project, the new idea might distract you from it. That is especially damaging if you have a deadline.

Have I tried this?

Yes, you can read it HERE.

So what do you think of the prompt?

If you decide to try this and post your story online (on your blog, on wattpad, etc.), feel free to give a link to it in the comments; I’d love to see what you can come up with!


3 thoughts on “Writing Prompt: Random Books, Random Words

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