Wattpad: should you post the naughty bits of your story as a new book? Outcome.


Two weeks ago, I wrote Wattpad: should you post the naughty bits of your story as a new book?, sharing with you the pros and cons of splitting your book, telling you that I was about to do that soon and promising you that I’d keep you posted on how it went.

Well, here’s a brief overview on that.

The book I split was You are the Answer and the mature part was posted as Dogs, Bats & Monkeys Series – Naughty Bits.

But, Dilyana, why not You are the Answer – Naughty Bits or something like that?

Well, I figured that since the whole series is PG-13 with the occasional R-rated chapter, I could post all adult content in the same book.

Here’s the statistic:

Title Number of Chapters Average Reads per Chapter Average Votes per Chapter Average Comments per Chapter
You are the Answer 34 Over 3,300 Around 180 45 (give or take)
DB&MSeries – Naughty Bits 1 470 64 21
YATA:DB&MS-NB ratio 34:1 About 7:1 About 3:1 About 2:1

That is a big difference!

So, am I discouraged?

No. Do you want to know why?

  • First, the audience I’ve targeted with You are the Answer is an audience who wasn’t looking for adult-oriented works; naturally, some of them would skip the R-rated content if they could.
  • Second, I keep getting new readers and not everyone has gotten to Chapter 32 (the mature one I posted separately) yet. I’m expecting to get more reads on the Naughty Bits in the future as well as new comments and votes.

So no, I’m not discouraged.

What do YOU think?

Would you split your book in two – a PG/PG-13 main book and separately-posted mature parts – after you read this?

PS: I plan to ask my readers for their permission to quote them on my blog; would you like to read that?

Share your opinion in the comments and have a great day/night, you funky monkeys!

7 thoughts on “Wattpad: should you post the naughty bits of your story as a new book? Outcome.

  1. See I’m not that good at mature parts, but when i do them, i change things so it doesn’t go to mature #SecretWays 😉


    1. You mean, you describe the action in a PG-13 manner or that you use words that would go unnoticed by wattpad’s naughty radar?

      I admit – I’m not that good with them myself, but sometimes the stories need a bit of spicing up 😉


    2. I’ve been meaning to ask you for a while: would you like an interview on my blog?

      I usually interview published authors, but we could talk about your duties as an ambassador and a bit about your wattpad stories.


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