The Adventures of a Wattpad Ambassador – Katherine Ganzel (@KatherineArlene on wattpad)

Katherine Arlene Ganzel_wattpad ambassador_moderator

See that white W on the blue badge? Know what that means?

It means that Katherine is a Wattpad Ambassador. So what does a Wattpad Ambassador do?

Q1: Hello, Katherine! How are you today?

I’m busy, like I am every day, but that’s okay.  I feel really good.

Q2: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m a mom with two grown daughters.  I’m married to the man I met when I was 17 years old and he was 18.  I live in the Midwest of the US and have two dogs, one young, one old, and two cats.  I do a lot of crafts, although not as much since I’ve started writing.

Q3: You are an ambassador on wattpad; how and why did you become one?

I’ve hung out a lot in the clubs ever since I first joined Wattpad.  I like meeting people, taking part in the discussions, and helping those who have problems.  Along the way, I became friendly with the club moderators and one of them asked me if I’d ever considered becoming an ambassador.  It had been an idea in the back of my mind, but after she brought it up, I decided to apply.  It’s been a great experience so far, very rewarding.  Wattpad has given me so much and it feels really good to be able to give back to the community.

Q4: What exactly does an ambassador do?

There are three main jobs that ambassadors take care of.  One group are the club moderators.  They make sure there isn’t any trolling, spamming, and the correct discussions are happening in the correct clubs.  One group is in charge of content moderation.  They review the undiscovered and hot lists to make sure stories have their correct language and category.  And the last group is involved in engagement with the community.  They answer questions on the ambassador profile, twitter feed, run initiatives and in generally interact with the community in a positive way.  But no matter which group an ambassador belongs to, we all are available to help people in the community when they need it or to answer questions.

Q5: Does it pay off to be an ambassador?

I think it does.  For me personally, I love helping people so I get a lot of joy from being one.  But ambassadors also get to see and try out the changes that are made to the website before everyone else.  That’s always exciting.  We’ve also gotten to know and work with some of the employees of Wattpad.  They’re a great group of people who are extremely dedicated to the site and its users.

Q6: I know you also write. How do you balance your ambassador duties with your writing schedule?

I’m lucky that Wattpad and writing are my only jobs.  I do my ambassador duties mostly in the evening when my husband is watching tv, and that leaves my days free for writing.  I fit in a (very) small amount of housecleaning and knitting around that.

Q7: Tell us a little bit about your books.

StolenHearts_Love You Forever_Katherine Arlene Ganzel

My first story is a mature romance called Stolen Hearts.  It’s about a guy who’s been kidnapped and is being held prisoner with a mysterious girl.  He has no intention of having anything to do with her, but ends up falling in love with her.  Once that happens, the stakes change dramatically for both of them.

The sequel is Love You Forever.  There are a whole lot of mysteries and shocking twists in it, revolving around what happened after he was released from the prison.

Both Stolen Hearts and Love You Forever were finalists in the 2012 and 2013 Watty’s and most recently were included in the After Dark Wattpad all romance stories app.

The story I wrote after those two is a young adult historical romance called The Boy in the Woods.  It starts in 1958 and is about a young girl, Jess, who’s brought to live with her cold and controlling uncle in the country.  While exploring the woods surrounding the family estate, she discovers a mysterious boy who has been trespassing on the property.

The Boy in the Woods_Katherine Arlene_Katherine Ganzel

Desperately lonely, she sees him secretly and they form a friendship that over the years turns to love.  Meanwhile, her uncle becomes even more controlling, to the point where Jess isn’t sure she’s ever going to be able to be free.

The Boy in the Woods has ended up being my most popular story so far, mysterious and poignant.  It now has over 4 million reads and a Talk of the Town Watty award win last year.  It also became a featured story on Wattpad.  I plan to self-publish it, but I won’t have the time to work on that until I finish writing my current story. It’s the prequel to The Boy in the Woods, and it’s called The Man Behind the Iron Fence.

The Man Behind the Iron Fence_Katherine Arlene Ganzel

It starts in 1939 and is about Jess’s uncle, parents, other adult characters when they were in their teens and early adulthood.  It primarily covers the events that happened to Jess’s uncle that turned him into the person he is in The Boy in the Woods.  It also wraps up the remaining mysteries left outstanding in that story.  I’ve entered it into the Watty’s, but since I’m only just starting it, I’m not sure how well it’s going to do.

I have also written a guide to help new Wattpad authors called How To Get Reads, Votes, and Comments – A Guide.

How to get reads votes comments_Katherine Arlene Ganzel

It covers many of the common issues new authors face, and gives a whole bunch of tips on the best ways to promote themselves, their stories, and interact with their readers.  I update it often, whenever the website or app has had any major changes and to reflect any changes in the community works.  So no matter when you read it, it’s up to date and current.

Q8: Where can we find you?

On Wattpad, I’m @KatherineArlene

On Twitter, I’m @misskitty64

On Instagram, I’m KatherineArlene

On Pinterest, I’m misskitty64

And my author Facebook page is here:

Q9: Thank you for doing this interview, Katherine!

Thank you for asking me!  I really appreciate it!

If you are curious about the wattpad ambassadors and want to know more about them, check out this interview with ambassador @xFakingaSmilex!

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