Character Interview: Tyson Williams (Here We Go Again)

Here We Go Again_Dilyana Kyoseva_CatMint5_wattpad

Today I’m talking with Tyson Williams in all his handsome, brooding and short-fused glory.

Dilyana: Hello, Tyson. How are you today?

Ty: Can we just get this over with?

Dilyana: *frowns* How about we try this again? Hello, Tyson, how are you?

Ty: *silence*

Dilyana: The sooner you reply, the sooner you can get out of here.

Ty: *sighs* Hello, Dilyana. I’m fine.

Dilyana: *murmurs* Better! *louder* How about you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Ty: Tyson Williams. My friends call me Ty. Age in Here We Go Again – 17, except for the Epilogue where I’m in my twenties.

Dilyana: You really aren’t into this, are you? Such a shame; you are the main character in my second most popular story. Okay, I’ll try to keep this interview short.

Ty: *smiles… sort off*

Dilyana: Tell us how your story begins.

Ty: Alex moved into town and picked a fight with me.

Dilyana: Didn’t you mock her and blow cigarette smoke in her face?

Ty: Oh, you just love to remind me of that, don’t you?

Dilyana: You were kind of a jack-ass in that chapter.

Ty: I was having a really off day. And I would’ve apologized to her…

Dilyana: *raises an eyebrow*

Ty:maybe apologized to her, if she wasn’t such a stubborn, infuriating, little… Anyhow, she went to the same school as me and got chummy with my only friend Angel so we kept running into each other. We even babysat Angel’s siblings together and we were paired for a project where we had to take care of a baby doll as if we were its parents; she actually forgot it in a strip club, can you imagine that? *looks me up and down* You’d have to be a total nutjob to come up with that for a book.

Dilyana: Don’t insult your creator or she might include in the interview an excerpt of the time you got drunk and went chicken hunting.

Ty: *crosses arms over his chest and leans back in his seat* Don’t threaten your  characters or they might not give you an interview.

Dilyana: Speaking of which – let’s get back to the interview. What other projects are you going to be in?

This Girl Just Wants to Have Fun_Vallery Reed_Dilyana Kyoseva_CatMint5_wattpad

Ty: You are currently uploading This Girl Just Wants to Have Fun on wattpad. Since it’s set in the same town as Here We Go Again, Alex and I – along with a few others – will occasionally show up in it.

I know you are also planning to write about me growing up in How Tyson Williams Came to Be and that you have an idea of a one-shots compilation entitled Here We Go Again – One-shots; I’ll be in some of those.

Dilyana: *claps* Sounds exciting!

Ty: *shakes his head* Are you really going to say that about your own stories? It’s a bit conceited, don’t you think?

Dilyana: *clears her throat* Tell us about an interesting chapter from Here We Go Again.

Ty: I don’t know. *shrugs* People think that time Alex and I argued and insulted each other using cocktail names was pretty funny.

Here We Go Again_Here We Go Again - Restricted_Chapter 21_Dilyana Kyoseva_CatMint5_wattpad

Dilyana: Ah, yes, it’s a favorite of mine.

Ty: I thought we were keeping this short.

Dilyana: Share with us a bit about Alex.

Ty: *moves further back in his seat* What about Alex?

Dilyana: I don’t know. Something.

Ty: Why don’t you tell us about her?

Dilyana: *smiles* I’m so glad you asked.

Ty: You actually wanted me to do that, didn’t you?

Dilyana: *ignoring him* Alexandra is one of my favorite characters that I’ve came up with. She is confident…

Ty: Cocky.

Dilyana: … Creative…

Ty: Not that much.

Dilyana: … Fun.

Ty: Annoying.

Dilyana: Oh, shut up. *throws a pencil at him, but he catches it with ease* She’s gained a lot of fans on wattpad and I plan to write Prim & Proper – a story about her and her friend Payton and the time they spent in a Catholic School.

Ty: The one Alex was smuggling alcohol in?

Dilyana: Yep.

Ty: She got kicked out in about a month, didn’t she?

Dilyana: It’s going to be a short story with maybe a dozen chapters. It will end with her going back to Bulgaria and being picked up from the airport by Stefan.

Ty: *balls his fists* Can’t you skip that part?

Dilyana: It’s important for her character development. Besides, it leads to her moving to Norville to live with her uncle; she wouldn’t have met you otherwise.

Ty: The uncle we never actually see in Here We Go Again?

Dilyana: *looks away* He travels a lot due to his work.

Ty: Mhm. She was pretty much living on her own in that book.

Dilyana: *looks for her pencil* *realizes she already threw it at him* Keep this up and I’ll tell people about that dream Devon had about you.

Ty: A completely unnecessary chapter. You even had to post it as a separate book because it was for mature audience and Here We Go Again is PG-13.

Here We Go Again - Restricted_Dilyana Kyoseva_CatMint5_wattpad

Dilyana: Hey, I wrote it – and the other naughty chapters – in a way that people can skip them if they feel uncomfortable with mature content and that without missing out on the plot.

Ty: Fine, I’ll give you credit for that. People like me can skip these chapters.

Dilyana: *grinning* You know you are in all but one Here We Go Again – Restricted chapter, right?

Ty: *crosses his arms again and flinches when he accidently pricks himself on the tip of the pencil*

Dilyana: Shall we wrap this up?

Ty: Finally!

Dilyana: We have to do it together though.

Ty: If we must.


Ty: *gets up from his chair and walks to the door* *muttering* What’s with the “funky monkeys”?

Dilyana: *walking after him and out of the room* I’ll tell you later.

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