Author Interview with Erin Latimer (Frost)

Erin Latimer

Today I’m interviewing the awesome Erin Latimer – a Word Nerd-er and 1/4 of the wattpad4; both groups are comprised of authors who talk about books and give handy writing tips.

Q1: Hi, Erin! How are you today?

I’m great! It’s a little early over here but I should be awake in about five cups of tea.

Q2: Tea… My kind of girl! Tell us about yourself and how you started writing.

I’ve been writing since I can remember picking up a pen. From ages 9 to 12, roughly, when I hung out with kids my age I would torture them with my stories, reading them out loud to everyone. I’ve taken the forced readings down a notch, but I’m still inflicting my imagination on people.

Q3: Any big achievements that you are proud of?

No awards that I can think of, but the YA Word Nerds were hosts for Camp NaNo this year, so that was super cool. Also, the Wattpad4 group have had some huge guests (we just had Lauren Destefano) and we’ve got more lined up, so there’s lots of awesome stuff going on.

Also, achievement wise: publishing a book with Patchwork Press was pretty cool.

FROST cover_Erin Latimer

Q4: What kind of audience would enjoy your books? Who are they aimed at?

As much as I want to throw my hands up and yell “EVERYONE” most of my readers are female, though I do have some dudes reading. The ages seem to vary, I will say that. And I mainly write fantasy, so the magic fans tend to gravitate toward my stuff.

Q5: What are you working on now and when will it be available?

I’m planning out the second book in the FROST series, which will hopefully be releasing early next year.

Q6: Are you planning any promotions or giveaways soon?

I’ve been doing loads of FROST giveaways. There’s pretty much always one going on, actually. I think my goodreads giveaway just closed but I’ll be doing another one soon.Mid-song_Frost quote_Erin Latimer

Q7: Traditional or self-publishing and why?

Well obviously I’m not going to say “only traditional” since Patchwork Press is a very tiny indie press.

I’m a huge fan of both. Writers who insist on just one are kind of like workers who are given this toolbox full of great tools and only use the hammer and the saw and nothing else. That’s just my opinion of course, maybe the hammer and saw work great for you, and that’s all you need. But I’m going to try out every tool and see what works for me. And if I can use all of them at the same time, then that’s awesome!

Q8: What obstacles did you face when publishing?

Money has always been an obstacle. In that, there is never enough of it. Trying to write while working over 40 hours a week is exhausting and near impossible. But you do it anyways. Sometimes you get burnt out and break down, but you never stop writing.

That’s still an obstacle, if I’m being honest. Making a living is hard for most writers.

Q9: Pen names: do you use them, do you plan to use them and what do you think of them?

Latimer is not my real name. That’s all I’m saying. GASP! So mysterious!

Q10: Any advice to writers who might be reading this?

Write because you love to write. I keep saying that, I probably sound like a broken record, but it’s really become my motto over the years. If you let anything else drive you (dreams of money, fame, an interview with Oprah), it won’t be enough. You’ll crack under the long, lonely hours and the repeated realization that you’re not good enough (yet). But if passion is what drives you, you’re going to be just fine.

Q11: Where can people find you?

My main website is here:

I also say things on twitter sometimes. Usually weird stuff:

Q12: Thank you for doing this interview, Erin!

You’re super welcome! It’s been a pleasure, and I’m much more caffeinated now, so I really mean that.

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