Writing Prompt: First Song, Last Song

Writing Prompt_First Song_Last Song.2

For all those times you don’t know what to write about – here’s a new prompt you can use!

This is the second writing prompt I’m posting, the first one being Writing Prompt: Random Books, Random Words.

So, what is First Song, Last Song?

Well, if you are like me, then you listen to music every day. A LOT of music. First Song, Last Song is penning down the title of the first song you hear as well as that of the last one you listen to before sitting down to create and then…

YOUR GOAL: write a short story (or an essay) using those two titles.

That’s it.

How many words the story/essay should be is entirely up to you and so is whether you’d use the whole title as a phrase or break it down and use each word wherever it fits best.

Just like with the last prompt, I haven’t tried this yet, but once I do – probably in October as September is kind of hectic with work and organizing the First Annual Story Fair – I’ll upload my creation to my blog and add a link to it in this post.

If you want to read what I did with Random Books, Random Words, click HERE.

Feel free to tell me in the comments if you gave this prompt a try and to share a link to your story if you posted it online!

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