What is Mariquita by Angela Stevens?

Mariquita cover 2 copy

Angela Stevens – author of the Vargr Trilogy (you can read what I think of the first book – The Wolf You Feed, here and an interview with her here), took on a new challenge – writing a children’s book! The result is Mariquita, which will be available on amazon in October.


George McGregor is the type of eight year old who spends his day wearing a cobbled together super hero costume. Armed with a secret power — a handy-dandy travel-sized pack of tissues — he saves the day and leaves the world tear and runny nose free.

When his super hero-ing becomes mundane, a chance wish on a dandelion clock brings a new friend into George’s life. But this friend has a secret and its discovery leads to a larger than life adventure in a smaller than life world. With Mariquita as his ladybug guide, George experiences the fun and danger of an insect’s life.

Mariquita is a feel good story that explores the meaning of true friendship. It offers a smorgasbord of humorous insect characters that kids will enjoy.

You know what?

The blurb of Mariquita and the illustrations by Matthew Moir remind me so much of one of my favorite books as a child – Ferdy the Ant by Ondřej Sekora, that I’m really curious how Angela’s creation will turn out. In fact, I’m so curious that I’ve decided to read the book and share my thoughts on it with you, in the What I think about… section of this blog. Yep, I’ll be adding a review of a children’s book right there along with some… ermm, spicier stories.

Not sure whether you’d like to check it out? Here’s a sneak peek to help you decide:

Mariquita flew through the inky darkness towards an overgrown rhododendron. The bush lay just outside the fence and was where her family lived.

A warm yellow glow flashed in front of her. “Hi there, Angel, I thought you went home ages ago.” She landed on the rose arch.

“Hola, mi pequeña mariquita!” She smiled. It was the firefly’s insistence on calling her ‘his little ladybug’ that gave her the idea for her name. It always sounded so pretty the way he said, mariquita.

 “I wanted to make sure you got home safe and sound.” Angel was her oldest friend. Of course, he wouldn’t leave without making sure she was okay.

“Was that the human niño you told me about?” He landed next to her.

Mariquita shuffled along the green leaf towards a little cluster of aphids. All this changing from ladybug to human and back again, had made her hungry.

If you still can’t make your mind on whether you want to buy this book for you, your child or your favorite niece/nephew, here’s what I think of it; if you are thinking “Oh, I must have it!”, then here’s where you can preorder (the links will take you to the book, not just to amazon):

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