Author Interview with K. T. Hanna (The Domino Project)

K. T. Hanna_author_writer_The Domino Project

Today I’m interviewing K. T. Hanna, author of the Domino Project (Book I – CHAMELEON, Book II – HYBRID).

Q1: Hi! How are you today?

I’m doing pretty well. Just got over a rather horrible zombie virus. But otherwise great.

Q2: Tell us about yourself and how you started writing.

I’m originally from Australia, met my husband in a computer game, moved to the States and brought all my zany ideas with me. I’ve been writing since as far back as I can remember. My mom used to read everything Enid Blyton to me. When I was about five I read them to myself. Couldn’t get enough of books, so I started making up my own stories. Still do.

Q3: What kind of audience would enjoy your books? Who are they aimed at?

It’s more crossover than just YA. So basically – anyone who likes science fiction, cyberpunk, and/or post-apocalyptic flavored stories, should enjoy the Domino Project.

CHAMELEON Domino Project_K. T. Hanna

Q4: What are you working on now and when will it be available?

I’m working on HYBRID – Book 2 of the Domino Project. It’ll be available on November 10th. The cover reveal is on October 8th.

Q5: Are you planning any promotions or giveaways soon?

There’ll be a giveaway for the cover reveal!

Q6Traditional or self-publishing and why?

This series is self-published. My first agent signed me with this series, and it was woeful market timing for the traditional market. So, after more and more edits – I decided to put it out there because I wasn’t happy with letting it sit for another 5-10 years until the market evened up for it again.

Q7: What obstacles did you face when publishing?

Market timing! Actually the biggest obstacle is being taken seriously when you self publish. A lot of traditionally published authors (which, don’t get me wrong, I still plan on pursuing with other work), don’t look on self publishing kindly. As if it’s lesser. And there are so many books out there written by indie authors that don’t deserve that – that deserve some recognition or even just respect. It’s sad that publishing is like this right now. It shouldn’t be us and them. It should just be people wanting to share stories with the world. ANYWAY – that’s just my thing.

Q8: Pen names: do you use them, do you plan to use them and what do you think of them?

Actually, technically K.T. Hanna is my pen name. I write science fiction, fantasy, and horror, and because it’s always been viewed as a “male” dominated industry, I didn’t want people to immediately know that I was female. So, as my first name is Katie – K.T. was sort of perfect.

I like them. Some people need to separate themselves from their names, others use it for reasons like mine.

Q9: Any advice to writers who might be reading this?

If you truly love writing and it’s what you want to do, figure out a way to make the time to do it. You may have to sacrifice other things – like sleep, other hobbies, etc., but in the end, if this is what keeps you sane – do it.

Also – wild success stories are not the norm. Don’t go into this expecting to get rich. Go into this because writing is something you can’t live without.

Q10: Where can people find you?

I blog at my site: For the love of words





Q11: Thank you for doing this interview and for your advice!

Thank you so much for having me! It was a pleasure.

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