Introducing #TuesdayTinyWritingTips + First Tip


I’m starting a series on this blog – #TusdayTinyWritingTips or #TTWT for short. Each writing tip will be just a few sentences long and as you’ve probably guessed it, they will only be posted on Tuesdays. Don’t worry: there are going to be longer tips with examples on this blog, just not on Tuesdays.

So without further ado, here’s the first tiny tip.

Tuesday Tiny Writing Tip #1 – Editing – Change the Layout.

Something as simple as changing the layout of what you wrote can help you when you proofread, especially if you proofread right after you wrote something.

How does that help?

You expect a certain word spelled in a certain way to be in a certain spot; by changing the layout (font size, the size of your writing field/page), the words are going to be in a different place and you are more likely to notice a typo.

I know it sounds strange, but I’ve Β actually tried it. I write my newsletters in Word, then paste them in MailChimp where the layout is different (the font is not the same and the writing field is significantly smaller); even though I proofread on Word, I do it again in MailChimp and often find duplicated words, skipped punctuation marks or typos.

7 thoughts on “Introducing #TuesdayTinyWritingTips + First Tip

  1. This is a good tip. I will try this in the future.Something I usually try is reading my piece backwards. An easy way to pick up spelling mistakes. When you read you sometimes read over words because you know already what it’s going to be.

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