What I Think About The Priestess And The Dragon by Nicolette Andrews

The Priestess and The Dragon - The Dragon Saga - Book I by Nicolette Andrews

The Priestess and The Dragon – Book I of The Dragon Saga

Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Japanese Folklore


“Love and revenge don’t end with Death”

Exiled for her mother’s sins, Suzume lives in a remote mountain shrine training to become a priestess. She would give anything to return to her old life at the emperor’s palace. When she accidently awakens a sleeping dragon posing as the mountain god, she thinks he is the answer to all her problems. But she gets more than she bargained for when she unleashes the Dragon, Kaito. He has been sealed away for five hundred years and now he is hungry for revenge. The woman who trapped him may be dead, but he will settle for her reincarnation and he chooses Suzume to join him on his quest for vengeance. What he doesn’t realize is Suzume is that priestess reborn. Now she must find a way to seal the dragon once more before he learns the truth.

What I think of the book:

Before I tell you what I think of The Priestess and The Dragon, let me just point out that I was given a free copy for the purpose of reviewing it. With that being said, the book is totally worth its money.

Everyone who knows me well would label me as a slow reader. Very slow. Nevertheless, it took me two days to finish this book; I just couldn’t put it down.

Being a writer as well, I did find myself making the occasional correction to avoid repetition or because a word didn’t sound well to me in the place it was (for example, writing “said” after the character asked a question), but believe me, those few amendments did not put me off the story. Besides, as I’ve already told you, I was given a review copy and I know there’s a newer, better edited version out there on the market.

I really enjoyed the settings in the book; they gave me an old-timey, Asian feeling. I’m not sure how many Eastern country mythologies Nicolette included in her book, but I know there are some creatures from Japanese folklore, such as Rin, who is a Kitsune (a shape shifting fox that also has a humanoid form). If you are not familiar with the folklore of the land of the rising sun, you might need to pause your reading and google a few terms. Don’t worry, there’s just a few of them.

Something else I liked were the characters. One of the main ones – the priestess Suzume, is actually annoying at times as in the beginning of the book she can’t really do anything on her own, but she also happens to be the emperor’s daughter and grew up in a palace, so that is understandable. It’s fun to see her mentality develop and how she manages her newfound powers. Plus, she’s stubborn; I like stubborn.

Speaking of fun: the dragon – Kaito, is sometimes so haughty, he makes me want to punch him (probably not a good idea, considering he can turn me into an icicle), but at other times he’s actually rather amusing, although I’ve seem to have developed a softer spot for Tsuki and his playful (and sometimes deadly) nature.

Who is Tsuki?

Read The Priestess and The Dragon and you’ll find out!

Who I would recommend this book to? I would recommend The Priestess and The Dragon to anyone who enjoys fantasy books, stories about soulmates and reincarnation, and especially to those who enjoy Eastern mythology.

My rating: hot-147158_640 hot-147158_640 hot-147158_640 hot-147158_640 hot-147158_640  (5 out of 5 fireballs)

Would I re-read this book? Yes.

Would I buy other books in this series or by this author? I want to have the whole Dragon Saga. I also have Book I of the Tales of Akatsuki SeriesKitsune, which is about Rin; yes, the same one who I’ve mentioned above and is in The Priestess and The Dragon. I wand the rest of this series as well.

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Where can you buy the book? Note: the links will take you to the book itself, not just the site that provides it.

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PS: Nicolette is organizing a release part on facebook today (October 17) from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. PDT. You can join here; all you need is an internet connection and your PC, mobile phone or tablet.

Want to know a little bit about Nicolette Andrews? Read the interview she gave me this August!

Have you read anything by Nicolette? What did you think of it?

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