What I Think about Mariquita by Angela Stevens

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Genre: Children’s Books


George McGregor is the type of eight year old who spends his day wearing a cobbled together super hero costume. Armed with a secret power – a handy-dandy travel-sized pack of tissues – he saves the day and leaves the world tear and runny nose free.

When his super hero-ing becomes mundane, a chance wish on a dandelion clock brings a new friend into George’s life. But this friend has a secret and its discovery leads to a larger than life adventure in a smaller than life world. With Mariquita as his ladybug guide, George experiences the fun and danger of an insect’s life.

Mariquita is a feel good story that explores the meaning of true friendship. It offers a smorgasbord of humorous insect characters that kids will enjoy.

What I think of the book:

Mariquita is a sweet story, following the life of adventurous George, portraying his childhood in a very endearing way. I enjoyed the close-knit, supportive family and how the adults included their eight-year-old son when important decisions were taken, like the time they were discussing whether they should move to the cottage they’ve inherited. Angela Stevens conveys several important lessons through the child/parents interactions so this book will not only be interesting to kids, but they can also learn from it.

“Friendship is not about possessions. It is about what you have in here.” She placed her hand over her heart and then lifted it to her head. “And here. A real friend will always be in your heart and in your head and you will always be in theirs.”

Plus, the McGregors put “we can have a cat” twice in the pros to moving column; as a cat lover, I’d say it’s totally worth to include it twice in the list.

Even though we’re introduced to George’s imaginative – well, over-imaginative – nature from Chapter One, the real magic starts in Chapter Fourteen when Mariquita is turned into a girl; although we’ve seen the first glimpse of her in Chapter Eight, it’s not until she is human that we get to hear her and from then on, George and the readers are taken on a journey that will be a delight to younger kids.

Who I would recommend this book to? Either to children who are starting to read (but already have a bit of experience with that) or to parents/grandparents who want to read to their children/grandchildren.

My rating: ladybug_color ladybug_color ladybug_color ladybug_color ladybug_grey (4 out of 5 ladybugs)

Would I re-read this book? Not my cup of tea so no. If it was in Bulgarian, I’d recommend it to my aunt so she could read it to my baby cousin.

Would I buy other books by this author? Yes, I am interested in getting Angela’s adult-orientated books.

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What did you think of it?

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11 thoughts on “What I Think about Mariquita by Angela Stevens

    1. Thanks for giving me the chance to read Mariquita.

      As for the background: in my Dogs, Bats & Monkeys series, the Silver Bullets pack has a crest with a hazel tree and four wolves; I was trying to recreate that, but the wolves were drawn in different styles so I used a few filters to make them look the same.

      PS: You are so lucky; I want to go there too someday!


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