An Interview with Me; Questions Asked by My Readers

Two of my wattpad readers and biggest supporters – @KMyung and @Hazel_Tree, asked me for an interview. Obviously, I said yes, so here it is.

Hazel_Tree, KMyung and CatMint5 (Dilyana Kyoseva)
@Hazel_Tree, @KMyung and @CatMint5 (hey, that’s me!)

PS: If you click on the links above, you’ll be taken to their wattpad accounts.

K&H: Hi, Cat! You ready for your interview?

D: Yep.

K&H: Nice. What’s the oddest thing you’ve been inspired by?

D: Oh, boy, this is a tough one! Once, I noticed that my dream catcher had one of its threads disconnected from the others and came up with a horror story about a girl who used to have nightmares as a child until she got a dream catcher. One day, one of its feathers falls to the floor and she starts getting nightmares again and begins to think that there’s a demon after her since strange things happen even when she’s awake. The story is a WIP (work in progress) and I’ve come up with THREE endings; in one, it is all in her head, in another – there really is a demon, and in the third, it is only hinted that the demon might be real. There are a few other differences in the endings, but I don’t want to give too much away.

The Damaged Dreamcatcher by Dilyana Kyoseva (CatMint5 on wattpad)

K: Ooh, I look forward to reading it!

Hazel: Do you start with characters or with plot?

D: Both. I have books on wattpad and even more in my IDEAS folder; sometimes I think of a plot and then muse over what type of characters I would need to get to the ending, sometimes I come up with a character and buil the plot and other characters around him or her.

Hazel: Do you get along with your characters?

D: Not always. I’ve mentioned many times (in replies to comments) that I want to slap them or lock them up and throw away the key. Seriosly, they can be very annoying, making really dumb decisions… but those are needed for the plot. Besides, I think that their mistakes make them seem more real and help the readers to see themselves in my characters; after all, no one is perfect.

K&H: What’s the rudest thing you’ve said to a character of yours?

D: I really don’t know. I’ve had one character of mine be rude (to put it mildly) to another, but I can’t remember what is the rudest thing I have said to them. However, I did throw a pensil at Tyson from Here We Go Again in his character interview. He was totally asking for it though.

K&H: Speaking of Here We Go Again characters, if Alex and Ty went up against Val and Hunt (Hunt Me Down, This Girl Just Wants to Have Fun) in a fight, which team would win?

D: Oh, this is a good one! I think it will be Ty and Alex since they have trained longer than Val and more intensely than Hunt, but it will be a close call. I just realized that both boys are street fighters while the girls are the ones who went through a more profesional training.

Here We Go Again, Hunt Me Down, This Girl Just Wants to Have Fun by Dilyana Kyoseva (CatMint5 on wattpad)

K&H: Out of all your characters, who would throw the best party?

D: Definitely Alex. She already has experience from when she was smuggling alcohol in the St. Agnes Catholic School. I’ll eventually write a short story about that; you can read the summary to Prim & Proper here.

K: True, true….

K&H: Follow up question. Are we invited?

D: Yes, but will you be able to keep up?

K: Psssh, of course!

K&H: Do you have a boyfriend?

D: Yes. Nick and I have been together for almost six years. Some of my characters are based on his traits and some of their quarrels or sweet moments are things we’ve been through.

K: Heh, that’s actually really cute.

K&H: Does he read your works?

D: No. No one I know in person has ever read my books.

K: Oh? I honestly didn’t see that one coming… Well, there goes my next question… Alright, moving on to more author-related matters!

D: What was the question going to be?

K: Heh, I was gonna ask what his reactions are to your works, especially boyxboy and the more “steamy” ones.

D: He would never read bxb.

K: Okay, back to the more personal stuff!

K&H: If you had one superpower, what would it be?

D: I thought we were going for a writer-related question? Well, as much as I like telekinesis, with the way I’m always late, I think teleportation would be more practical. Control over the elements is also pretty cool.

K&H: What is your spirit animal?


D: Cat. Doesn’t like being told what to do; doesn’t like people all that much, yet loves to cuddle; loves to eat and to sleep; can be really nice or really mean, depending on their mood. And likes to chase shiny dots; so do I. Seriously, don’t point a laser at me.

On a side note, those things should be called “cat exercisers”, not “lasers”; they make even the laziest cat go bonkers and run around.

K&H: Do you like your name? What if it were Donovan or Ginny or something?

D: I guess it could be worse… like Donovan. (Sorry to any Donovan-s who might be reading this!)

K: Hahaha, true. You don’t resemble a Donovan in the slightest!

K&H: What’s your favorite piece of clothing that you own?

D: I used to have a black faux leather corset, but it tore so now I’m probably going to go with my black leather jacket, which, by the way, inspired the Silver Bullet’s jackets. The Silver Bullets are a pack of wolf shifters from my Dogs, Bats & Monkeys Series – You are the Answer, We are the Answer, A Day Just for Us, Sentiments & Reason.

The Dogs, Bats & Monkeys Series includes You are the Answer, We are the Answer, A Day Just for Us (one-shot), Sentiments & Reason.
The Dogs, Bats & Monkeys Series includes three stories about Rhys and Riley – You are the Answer, We are the Answer, A Day Just for Us (one-shot), and Keri’s Sentiments & Reason; more to come.

I also have a red jacket I’m fond of and it inspired a whole character, her nick name, the way she dresses in general and the decor in her room.

K&H: What’s the strangest thing you’ve eaten? It doesn’t have to be necessarily edible.

D: I once accidently swallowed a bug while I was out in the mountains with my family. Don’t even know what kind of bug it was; it just flew in my mouth. Maybe it was suicidal.

K: The life of a mountain bug does seem rough… Final question! What’s a secret you haven’t told anyone before? It doesn’t have to be your deepest, darkest one.

D: Nice try, K. If I tell you, it won’t be a secret.

I can tell you something that isn’t a secret, but isn’t know either. The reason why the Silver Bullet’s sacred tree is the hazel tree is because one – I didn’t want to go with pine (there are a lot of pictures on the web with wolves howling at the moon and pine trees around them), and two – one of my biggest supporters on wattpad is @Hazel_Tree. By the way, the background the blog currently has depicts the Silver Bullets’ sacred tree with four wolves underneath it (a cub, its mother, an old wolf who is sitting/resting and a young one on guard).

Silver Bullets' Sacred Tree with Wolves

K: One day, Cat… One day I will know all of your secrets! Anyway, we should bring this interview to a close before we get carried away with secrets and whatnot…

D: You. Wish.

K&H: Well, Cat… Thank you so much for your time!

D: Thank you and Hazel for coming up with these questions. It was fun!

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