Tuesday Tiny Writing Tip #5 – How to Encourage Your Silent Readers to Speak Up

#TTWT Tuesday Tiny Writing Tip #5 - Silent Readers by Dilyana Kyoseva (CatMint5 on wattpad)

Posting on wattpad or another site where you can get comments on each of your chapters?

Getting reads and maybe votes, but no feedback?

Then you have what’s called “silent readers”. One way to encourage them speak up is by writing a short A/N (Author’s Note) at the end of your chapter and asking them what they thought about it and/or the characters.

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Tiny Writing Tip #5 – How to Encourage Your Silent Readers to Speak Up

  1. Seriously? Who doesn’t know that? Here’s a fact : Even if you write author’s notes, silent readers still tend to remain silent. In reality, the more active you are in responding to comments, the more people feel at ease to comment.


    1. About everyone knowing that: I often get PM-s on wattpad with people asking me for tips on how to get more reads/votes/comments and you’d be surprised how many of them responded with “I’ve never thought of that” when I suggested they try it.

      About A/N-s not working: no, they won’t work on EVERYONE, but they do encourage some to speak up or – as in this case – to leave a comment. I’m speaking from experience here; a few readers have told me they wanted to leave a comment other than “I like this” or “update soon please”, but didn’t know what to say until they read the questions in the A/N-s.

      As for responding to comments often and how to deal with spammy and rude ones – that’s a tip for another Tuesday.


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