What is Dragonfly by Lana Sky

Dragonfly by Lana Sky

Lana Sky – a paranormal erotica writer and author of Drain Me and Dirty Lyrics, is releasing her new novel Dragonfly tomorrow, November 14. For the occasion, she’s throwing an online party on facebook with games and giveaways. Join us here this Saturday.

Don’t know what Dragonfly is about?


Sheltered by an overprotective family, Amy Sager—a shy twenty something poet from Canada—just wanted to break out of her shell and be free to live her own life. What better way to assert her new found independence than by moving to San Francisco?

However, when she meets a tall, blood-drenched stranger she gets more than she bargained for. Jackie is everything she should never want. Violence, lies, and even murder taint this strange man, but she finds herself irresistibly drawn to him…like a moth to flame.

When their relationship strains her loyalty and his livelihood, it isn’t long before violence consumes her independence and Amy’s quest for freedom turns into just another story of a good girl caught on the wrong side of the tracks, too far gone to turn back.

Dragonfly by Lana Sky Teaser 2

So, sexy and dangerous guy meets shy girl?

Yes, I know that is the plot in a lot of novels, but the plot is only one of the things that make a book good. Style is very important and from the small glimpses of Lana’s work that I’ve had the pleasure to come upon, I’d say she’s got style. So if you are looking for a new read to add to your ever-expanding Kindle library, consider giving Dragonfly a try.

Dragonfly by Lana Sky Teaser 1

Where to preorder/buy (links will take you to the book, not the home page of the sites you can buy it from):


Amazon US
Amazon CA
Amazon UK

Will I be reviewing this book?

I honestly don’t know. It’s not that I don’t want to review it, it’s just that I am a slow reader and I keep adding new books to my To Review List.  I’ll probably add Dragonfly eventually. If I do review it, you’ll be able to read my thoughts on it in the What I think about… section of this blog.

PS: If you go to the home page on my blog, you can see which reviews are coming sooner-ish (I’m scheduling one per month; two if I have more time to read) rather than later.

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