Tuesday Tiny Writing Tip #7 – Exception to Tip #6 about Wattpad & Formatting

Tuesday Tiny Writing Tip 7 by Dilyana Kyoseva - CatMint5 on wattpad - Exception to Tip 6 - How to format your wattpad chapters

An exception to Writing Tip #6. Sometimes objects, people and setting (especially in fantasy and sci-fi stories) would require a more lengthy description in which case you’ll probably have to go with longer paragraphs. You can still break them down though. Here’s how.

Example 1: A person walks into a room, starts describing it/remarking on things in their head, makes a comment – verbal or in their mind – which is put on a new row (“Wow, I did not expect to see such an old painting here!”), then goes back to regarding/viewing the room. This way you can break one paragraph into three.

Example 2: A person walks into a room, makes mental notes about what is what and where, is interrupted by someone (“So what do you think of the place?”), makes a few more comments in their mind and replies to the other person (“I don’t know how you live here, man; this place is so creepy. I mean, just look at the…”); you can add even more details through their speech. Now instead of one long paragraph, you can have four shorter ones.

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