Sentiments & Reason (NaNoWriMo 2015 Project) – Sneak Peek #2

Sneak Peek #2 of Sentiments & Reason (Dogs, Bats & Monkeys Series) by Dilyana Kyoseva (CatMint5 on wattpad)

© 2016 Dilyana Kyoseva All Rights Reserved

At the beginning of this month, I promised you an excerpt from my NaNoWriMo project – Sentiments & Reason. Maybe you’ve already had a glimpse of it in this blog post where you can read the first sneak peek and the blurb. I thought it fitting to save Excerpt #2 for November 30 a.k.a. last day of NaNo, so here it is.

Sentiments & Reason, Excerpt #2:

“I’m sorry I paired you up with Callum, Kel.” I leaned forward in my chair, placing my elbows on the wooden desk before me.

My cousin laughed and released her hair only to put it back in a ponytail a moment later.

“I’m a police officer, he’s a Detective; we are supposed to be working together,” she pointed out, pulling on her hairdo, tightening it. Her features softened and a sad smile played on her lips. “Besides, it was dad who chose to share our secret with Callum, to tell him what we are.”

Her voice was low, her gaze distant as she remembered her adoring parent. She had managed to hold back her tears at his funeral, but I knew she missed him. The whole pack did. He had been a loyal friend and a responsible and fair Alpha; I often wondered if I’d ever be able to fill his shoes.

“I still don’t know why Uncle trusted him with that knowledge.” I shook my head. “I don’t know why he picked Callum, I don’t know what made him trust a man so… so…”

“He’s not that bad when you get to know him, Keri,” my cousin insisted, earning herself a raised eyebrow from me.

“I mean,” she went on, “sure, he can be blunt to the point he’s rude, he is kind of a loner, yes, he’s got a temper – on a couple of occasions I’ve had to restrain him from punching the reporters…”

“And he smokes like a chimney, and he drinks like half a bottle of whiskey every night…” I placed my face in my palms, covering my eyes. “He’d be a horrible role model.”

“Why would you care if he’s a good role model or not?”

I didn’t need to look at Kelly to know a crease had formed on her forehead and her nose had wrinkled.

I gave her no reply. I couldn’t tell her the truth. I couldn’t tell her why it was so important to me for Callum to be calmer, more considerate, more compassioned, more… Not-Callum.

“Oh, my God,” she whispered and I looked up and into green eyes full of realization. “He… He’s your mate. You recognized him as your mate?” The last sentence was said much louder than the previous ones.

Once again I stayed quiet, leaning back in my chair and crossing my arms over my chest. She stood up from her seat on my desk, straightening to full length, looking down at me.

“How long have you known, Keri? Why didn’t you say anything?”

I gaped at her.

“Why didn’t I say anything? Kelly, this is Callum we are talking about.”

“He’s your mate,” she stressed.

“I know.” My voice rose.

“Then why aren’t you doing anything about it?”

My arms uncrossed and I ran a hand over my hair, squeezing a few strands at the back of my head.

“He’s not suitable for the pack,” I replied after I was done chewing on my lip.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” She placed her palms on the surface of the desk. “Keri, whatever power couples us, it has chosen him; that should mean something.”

“Not all mate pairings are a successful match,” I reminded her.

She pulled back a little, but then resumed her previous pose, determined not to concede.

“They are rarely detrimental.”

“Well, this one will be.” I tried to keep my inflection normal and gripped my hair tighter, reminding myself that my cousin was only saying this because she truly believed I’d be much happier with a mate. And she was right. I would be happier, if only this mate wasn’t an obstinate jack-ass.

“How do you know?” She asked, her tone a challenge.

“Aside from the fact that he’s roughly twenty years older than me, aside from the fact he’s human…”

“That worked for Rhys and Riley,” she was fast to throw in.

“… And he’s not a fan of supernatural creatures…” That made her promptly close her mouth. “Aside the above-mentioned alcohol and smoking problems, the utter disregard of our customs and lifestyle, there’s also the little, completely unimportant fact that he thinks I’m an incompetent, overreacting brat who is incapable of taking care of her people. Tell me, cousin, how am I supposed to lead our pack if my own mate doesn’t respect me and opposes each of my decisions?”

February, 2016 edit: For a third sneak peek of Sentiments & Reason and some info about the Dogs, Bats & Monkeys series, click here.

Had any of you who have read You are the Answer guessed that it was Callum who was Keri’s mate?

Share what you think in the comments!


8 thoughts on “Sentiments & Reason (NaNoWriMo 2015 Project) – Sneak Peek #2

  1. Hehe i had the thought he was, it wasn’t obvious at first for me. I thought callum was just a character who was the “grinch” in the story. Now I see it and this story is going to be interested to read Cat :3 you got yourself a supporter!

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