Everybody Loves a BadAss

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Those of you who read on wattpad have probably already come upon at least one profile that is dedicated to a cause or theme instead of simply featuring stories by one author, maybe two, if it is a joint account. There are profiles dedicated to anti-bullying, to help people understand the LGBTQ community and last week I found a new gem that wasn’t a social campaign, but promoted a type of characters I’m very, very fond of – the kick-butt ones. Just imagine how giddy I got when I found out @BadAssReads is going to host a library with free books about the nastiest of the nastiest and the naughtiest of the naughtiest.

So what is @BadAssReads?

It’s an account ran by @Cloverism, @mary, @izasoko and @NickUskoski. In their own words: “#BadassReads is a club and movement that appreciates stories containing badass characters and storylines. From badboys/badgirls, delinquents, pranksters, to mafia stories, we will hand pick some of our favourite stories to be featured here for epic recognition. Enough of being good, it’s time to be kickass!”

And if you are like me, after reading this excerpt of their wattpad profile, all you’d be thinking is “Oh, my God, oh, my God, I must be in Heaven!”

I mean, who doesn’t enjoy a baddie?

We all have our own type that we openly cheer for or we keep quiet about and keep them as our secret guilty pleasure. They could be someone tough, they could be a good, but naughty person, they could be someone evil enough to give us nightmares… But they are there, in our minds and hearts.

And we love them.

We love to watch movies about them, to read about them or to write about them.

@BadAssReads includes all types of bad-asses in the various reading lists they’ve composed to make it easier for us to find our favorite flavor of a baddie. Granted, they are still a baby – the account is only about a week old – thus having short reading lists for now. But they are going to expand. Best part?

BadAssReads - Sticker - Badge

You can submit your own story to be included in their reading lists or to be featured on their page.

That’s what I did with Here We Go Again. You know, the story where the main characters were having a verbal confrontation and using cocktail names to insult each other, the one where a chicken hunt ended up in a strip club… Sounds familiar? Maybe you’ve read the character interview with the male lead – Tyson, that I posted at the end of August.

How you and @BadAssReads can help each other?

It’s simple really: they can help you by featuring or adding your story (or one by a favorite author of yours) to their reading lists and in turn you can help them by spreading the word about the #BadAssReads movement. You can do that by sending a message to your wattpad followers, writing a line or two about @BadAssReads in an A/N, tweeting about them, sharing a link to their profile on facebook… Or just by telling your friends.

In which reading list should your story be?

Not sure if your book is what BadAssReads is looking for? You can read their Qualification Guidelines here.

So, are YOU submitting YOUR STORY to BadAssReads?

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