December 2015 One-Shot Writing Contest (wattpaders only) – ENDED

December Writing Contest on Wattpad - seawaneka & CatMint5

Hey, funky monkeys! It’s time for another contest and this month I will be running and co-judging it  along with fellow wattpader @seawaneka which means that the winner will be promoted not only to my fanbase, but to hers as well. So without further ado, here’s what we are challenging you with this December.


Write a one-shot (a one chapter story) with one of these three prompts:

PROMPT #1: The theme of loss. Loss could be represented by a lost love, a lost dog, a lost wallet, a lost dragon, a lost job… You get the idea. Loss can be sad and tragic, but can also be an opportunity for a new beginning.

PROMPT #2: Use one of these two quotes to start your story. Your choices are:

“This is unbelievable” or  “How could you do that?”

PROPMT #3: Use these three words in your story: joy, love, fireworks. It could be real fireworks, it could be metaphorical fireworks bursting inside your character’s head because they had a bright idea; it could be love to a parent, friend, boyfriend, ice-cream or whatever else you want; your character could feel joy or be named Joy; it’s up to you, as long as you use all three words.



– Feedback from both judges on your entry.

– Feedback on the first three (3) chapters of another wattpad story of your choosing.

– A shout-out from both judges to our combined followers.

– I, @CatMint5, will add the winning entry to my reading list Winners and announce the winner in a new chapter of The Contests Book.

– The other judge, @seawaneka, will follow you.


– A shout-out from both judges.


– Your story can be any rating (PG, PG-13, M, etc.) or genre, except for Fanfiction.

– It can be an entirely new story or an old one that fits one of the three writing prompts. If you have such a story, but it is too long, we’d accept you submitting an excerpt from it.

– Your story must be completed and uploaded to wattpad by January 7, 2016.

Word limit: 3 000. Don’t worry, we won’t exclude your entry if you exceed that limit a little.


  1. Follow both judges – @seawaneka and @CatMint5.
  2. Fill out this form and post it in the comments to @seawaneka’s December Writing Contest book.






Which prompt did you use:


Why are we signing up in @seawaneka’s book and not your The Contests Book? Is that where your contest will be held from now on? No, my contests are held in The Contests Book. The reason why I’m redirecting you during this one is because I’m co-judging.

Do I need to edit my story? It’s up to you, but a well-written and edited story increases your chances of winning.

Can I co-write the story? Yes. That is why we are having the “By” option in the form – so you can write the names of all the people involved in the project.

Can I spread the word about this contest? Yes, please do. You can actually tweet this blog post by clicking on this icon blog tweet icon at the bottom of the page.

Do I have to dedicate the story to the two of you? Since this is a one-shot contest and you can’t dedicate the same chapter to two people, no. If you want, you can add an A/N (Author’s Note) and write “I dedicate this story to the people who organized the December Writing Contest” or something of the sort, but you don’t have to.

I have questions about the contest; how do I get in touch with you about it? Comment here or in this chapter of The Contests Book.



10 thoughts on “December 2015 One-Shot Writing Contest (wattpaders only) – ENDED

                1. I’m sure everyone will come up with something original so we (the other judge and I) will be reading different stories even if they are based on the same prompt. This is the good thing about not being too specific when giving a prompt: it gives writers more freedom to create.

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