The Twelve Days of Christmas Writing Prompts – Day 2

The Twelve Days of Christmas Writing Prompts - Day 2

Do you remember the first time you played in the snow?

☞ Incorporate this in your story:

A crunch. My right foot sank a couple of inches. I looked back at my dad.

“Go on.” He nodded.

I lifted my left foot off the lowest porch step and placed it over the snow.

Another crunch. This leg also sank.

I crouched down and slowly glided my ungloved hand over nature’s white cover. It was soft, it was cold, it was exciting.

I’d seen snow before on the small square TV in my hospital room. I’d seen it through the window. But never had I been healthy enough to go out and play in it.

I was healthy now.

I could go out in the cold.

I could play in the snow.

I grabbed a handful, surprised that my fingers began to burn as I was forming a ball. My heartbeat sped up.

My first snowball.

My first winter outside the hospital.

My first winter being healthy.

The snow was cold and burning. I did not let it go though. I kept rolling it until it was perfectly round.

“Daddy.” I turned to him with a smile. “Let’s have a snowball fight.”

☞ You can include the text above in your story or let it serve as inspiration for developing the two characters. If you want, you can add more characters.

☞ You can write about the child while it was in the hospital and longing to be outside.

☞ You can write about how the father and his child spend their day after the snowball fight.

☞ Questions that might help you write:

– Who are the father and child?

– Where are they?

– What else could the father do to introduce his child (boy or girl?) to the joys of the winter holidays?

– How does the child feel while it explores the snow-covered world around him/her?

– How else can the child play with the snow?

☞ If you use this prompt and post your story online, feel free to give a link to it in the comments!

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