The Twelve Days of Christmas Writing Prompts – Day 3

The Twelve Days of Christmas Writing Prompts - Day 3

Do you have a favorite teddy bear?

☞ One of Santa’s little helpers accidently sprinkles magic dust over a teddy bear and it comes to life. Write a short story, using Option One, Option Two or both.

Option One:

The teddy bear’s POV (point of view). The teddy wishes to explore Santa’s workshop, but once it realizes the elves are going to turn it back into an ordinary stuffed animal, it decides to escape the North pole.

Option Two:

POV of the elf who brought the teddy bear to life. The elf’s mission now is to undo his/her mistake and turn the runaway teddy back into an unanimated toy so it can be sent the child it was made for.

☞ Questions to help you write:

– Why was the magic dust in the elf’s possession in the first place?

– How does the world look from the point of view of a live teddy bear?

– Is your elf going to admit his/her mistake to the other elves and ask for their help in catching the teddy or are they going to try and catch the toy on their own?

– Will the elf/elves attempt to talk the teddy into reversing the effects of the magic powder or are they going to use force? If it is the former, what would they say?

– Would they return the teddy to an unanimated state or will it convince them to let it live? If the latter, what are the teddy’s arguments?

– If the teddy stays alive, will the elves still send it to the child it was meant for or keep the toy around to help out in the work shop? Whichever you choose, you can extend the story by showing how the live teddy feels in its new home with the child or how it helps out in the workshop.

☞ If you use this prompt and post your story online, feel free to give a link to it in the comments!

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