The Twelve Days of Christmas Writing Prompts – Day 4

The Twelve Days of Christmas Writing Prompts - Day 4

Do you like Christmas?

☞ Incorporate this in your story:

I grabbed her wrist to stop her when she reached out to turn the volume up.

“Oh, honey, it’s almost Christmas. Give cheerful a try, okay?”

She smiled, half-pleading, half-anxious, and I let her go, the annoying holiday tune immediately growing louder, filling the car.

I crossed my arms over my chest and pouted. A man in his twenties should not pout, but heck, she was my mom; she’d seen me do that before. I wouldn’t do if Roger was here.

I didn’t like Roger.

It wasn’t out of loyalty for my real father. No. My biological dad was a screw-up; one of the best days of my life was when he walked out on me and my mom.

Roger was exactly the opposite; he was a nice guy through and through. He was the guy who’d always help out a neighbor or friend, who’d fix the church roof for free and who’d volunteer to help out at the holiday bazaar even though it was mostly ran by women and many of the local men considered it beneath them. He was the type of guy that made your wife exclaim ‘Oh, why can’t you be more like Roger?’. He was the type of guy who was good for my mom, who would be good for anybody’s mom.

I was grateful for how he treated her, but heck, that goodness? That was what irritated me about him so much. He was too perfect. It just reminded me how much of a loser I was. That was the last thing I needed right now. I wasn’t looking forward to Christmas anyway. I’ve never liked Christmas.

☞ Questions to help you write:

– Who is the main character/speaker?

– Why doesn’t he like Christmas?

– How will meeting Roger go when the main character and his mom arrive at the house?

– How will staying over for the holidays go?

– What can go wrong?

– What can go right?

– Can Roger finally change the main character’s opinion about him?

☞ Bonus: You can also write about the Christmas bazaar. Maybe the main character will meet someone who’ll change their opinion about the holiday.

☞ If you use this prompt and post your story online, feel free to give a link to it in the comments!

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