The Twelve Days of Christmas Writing Prompts – Day 7

The Twelve Days of Christmas Writing Prompts - Day 7

An Easter egg hunt? How about a Christmas present hunt?

☞ Write a story with this scenario:

I fall to my knees and rub my eyes. Nope. I did not imagine it. There isn’t a single present under our Christmas tree. And I thought that mom and dad being gone was odd! They could be out to get some groceries; but the presents?

Where are my presents?!

I notice a piece of paper pinned to the stump of the tree. I reach out and remove the pin before bringing the paper closer to my face. I read the words in dad’s familiar writing.

Dear Daughter,

Knowing how much you love to snoop around the house, your mom and I hid your presents. At the back of this letter, you’ll find a map and three riddles. Figure out the map and the answers to the riddles and you’ll locate our gifts.


Mom & Dad

☞ Questions to help you write:

– How will the girl feel after reading the letter?

– In what creative places could the parents have hidden the presents?

– What could the three riddles be? (You can have more or less riddles if you want)

– What are the presents?

– How does the girl feel while searching?

– Will she find all the presents and what happens if she doesn’t?

☞ If you use this prompt and post your story online, feel free to give a link to it in the comments!

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