Author Interview with Rebecca Sky (A Lifetime According to Karma Rose, The Cheaters Club)

Rebecca Sky with a book

I’ve mentioned the lovely Rebecca Sky in A Writer’s This-Will-Come-in-Handy List and I’ve had the pleasure of organizing the Story Fair with her. As a matter of fact, she was the one who came up with the idea of it. She’s friendly, creative and her story The Cheaters Club won a Watty Award in 2014. So what drives this amazing redhead?

Q1: Hi, Rebecca! How are you today?

I’m you know, hair in the wind, sun on my cheeks, great!

Q2: Tell us about yourself and how you started writing.

I’m the oldest of five kids, and I started writing because my younger brother (who is much bigger than me) told me he’d beat me up if I didn’t try writing on Wattpad, (siblings, can’t live with them and you can’t shoot them!). So of course I listened, afraid for my life. But once I started, I was hooked, it was like everything about me, all my quirks and my wild imagination, suddenly made sense. I was a writer from that first line.

Q3: Any big achievements that you are proud of?

I’m most proud every time I can write “The End” on something I’ve created. Finishing a book is no small task. I also am very proud of getting a People’s Choice award. I mean the people voted for me! I never even hounded them to. It was so flattering. And of course I was pretty stoked to get a literary agent!

Q4: I’ve never thought about it, but now that you mentioned it, writing those special two words is quite the achievement! So, what kind of audience would enjoy your books? Who are they aimed at?

I write for my fellow ladies! But I wouldn’t kick a guy out of my book if he was reading. Some of my favorite readers are dudes! I LOVE love, so almost all of my books have it in there, but I like it to be realistic, so I weave it into a greater plot. I think the dudes like the action I tend to put in my stories.

Q5: A love story that is not actually centered around the love story – I like that! But let’s get back to the interview. I know you entered NaNoWriMo. Tell us a bit about your NaNo project. Is this your first time doing this?

It was my first time doing NaNo and I failed miserably. But in my defense I was only home six days in November. I was mostly between New York and Toronto, speaking at a conference, meeting Wattpad HQ and doing other writing-ish things. I think I left November with only 15,000 words. But, hey, that’s pretty good considering how busy I was. I wrote most of it from the airport. As for my book, it is a YA thriller about a girl with no memories who has to prove she didn’t commit a crime.

A Lifetime According to Karma Rose & Heart Beat by Rebecca Sky

Q6: Which would you prefer: traditional or self-publishing? Why?

I am unsure, mostly because I haven’t done both. But it’s my dream/goal to be traditionally published. Self-publishing scares me, as it takes so much time to do it right, and I already have hardly any time as it is.

Q7: Pen names: do you use them, do you plan to use them and what do you think of them?

Well, technically, I do. SKY is the last three letters of my married last name.
Q8: Any advice to writers who might be reading this?

Don’t compare your work to other people’s! The world is looking for unique new styles and voices, so be yourself, develop your style! And read…a lot!

Q9: That’s a good one! Now tell us, where can people find you?

Q10: Thank you for doing this interview!

Thank you for having me!

If you want to meet the rest of the Wattpad4 girls, you can do so here:

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