Tuesday Tiny Writing Tip #10 – Don’t Blackmail Your Wattpad Readers

Tuesday Tiny Writing Tip #10 by Dilyana Kyoseva (CatMint5 on wattpad) - Don't Blackmail Your Wattpad Readers

This one is about wattpad etiquette, but it applies to similar sites as well: don’tΒ postpone updates because you don’t have enough reads/votes/comments.

Seriously, reading (be it in an author’s note or a message) “I won’t update until I have *number* reads/votes/comments” is a total turn-off. As a matter of fact, the only time I unfollowed someone on wattpad was because they were constantly doing that. It made them seem so whiney and pushy – “Why am I not getting more reads? My books are so good!” – that it put me off their stories. Not to mention that this is unfair to the people who are already supporting your work by reading, voting and commenting on your books.

They have to wait for maybe weeks on an update because you aren’t satisfied with the numbers you are getting?

Don’t be ungrateful. I know we all want more feedback, but this is not the way.

10 thoughts on “Tuesday Tiny Writing Tip #10 – Don’t Blackmail Your Wattpad Readers

    1. I do upload more than I read, but oh, God, yes, it’s a huge, HUGE issue with me and many other wattpaders I’ve talked to, some of them readers, some of them writers and some – both.

      I don’t come upon this as often as before, but maybe that is because nowadays I check out mostly accounts that friends recommend to me.

      Do you see this often?


  1. This! This is the worst! I hate it! Because it’s not fair on the loyal readers that are there, it’s just so rude and insulting. What I found worse is, the fact some popular authors that do it.

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        1. Now that you’ve mentioned it, I don’t think I’ve ever read in her A/N-s (yes, I’m one of those people who read the A/N-s) that she planned to publish on amazon and the like. But this was a long time ago; she might not even be on wattpad anymore, although, as I said, she was getting huge numbers on her stories. She won’t be the first popular author to leave, but I doubt she would as she obviously enjoyed the attention SHE was getting. That’s something else that annoys me – people who are more concerned with themselves than their books.


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