What is the Wattpad Block Party

What do over 100 authors who create in different genres and who use different writing styles have in common? The Wattpad Block Party Winter Edition II of course!

What is the Wattpad Block Party

So what is the Wattpad Block Party?

The Wattpad Block Party features exclusive posts from wattpadders from all over the world and in different stages of their writing experience. They’ll share with you their creative journey, sneak peeks, interviews with beloved characters and much more.


All of February. That’s right: you can read exclusive content, tips and interviews from various authors throughout the whole month.


Online. All you need to attend is a phone/tablet/PC and Wi-Fi. When February 1 comes around, click here and check out the first few participants and the posts they’ve created especially for the event. Don’t forget to return to that link on February 5 when my post – a new sneak peek from Sentiments & Reason (read the first and second one) – will come live! If you can’t wait that long, read the first few paragraphs in my facebook group – CatMint5’s Funky Monkeys.

Why should you join us?

To meet your favorite writers, have fun and win some prizes!


Of course there will be giveaways! The authors will dedicate chapters and name characters after you, give reviews on your books and give away free published books! Here are some of the prizes:

  1. I will dedicate one chapter to you and name a character after you. You can choose from which book.
  2. Kelly Anne Blount will donate e-copies of Grishma and Ayla to one lucky winner
  3. Sarah Perlmutter will donate one e-book of her Watty Award winning novel The Blast
  4. Amanda E Strong will donate one e-book of Hidden Monster and one ebook of Holy and the Fallen
  5. Amber K Bryant will give one lucky winner a first chapter critique plus a dedication in one of her stories
  6. Jordan Lynde will donate one e-book of A Proscriptive Relationship
  7. Sarah Benson will donate one e-book of Born of Shadow and a $10.00 Amazon Gift Card
  8. Nicolette Andrews will donate an e-book copy of The Priestess and the Dragon
  9. Ashley Claudy will gift a Hustle e-book and the complete Outside The Ropes series e-books
  10. Ysa Arcangel will donate an e-book and a chapter dedication
  11. Jessica B Fry will donate one e-copy of The Celebrity, Little Scapegoat and The Mermaid Bride
  12. Marilyn Vix will donate an e-copy of the adult Beware of Warlocks box set

Who will be there?

Me, obviously, but also a few people I’ve mentioned on this blog – Ashley Claudy (Outside The Ropes, Hustle), Imogen Isles (one of the girls who organized The Story Fair), Katherine Arlene (wattpad ambassador), Nicolette Andrews (The Priestess and the Dragon), as well as wattpad superstars Kelly Anne Blount (Captured), Natasha Preston (The Cellar), Ali Novak (My Life with the Walter Boys), Christopher Pike (Remember Me) and Beth Reekles (The Kissing Booth). For a full list of participants, scroll to the bottom of this post.

Want to know more?

Yes? Great! I’ll be posting more about the Wattpad Block Party, including an interview with the girl who made all this possible – Kelly Anne Blount, before the end of this month.

So, how does the Block Party sound?

Have you been to one before?

Share in the comments!














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