The Biggest Fan Contest (Wattpad Block Party)

The credit for this contest goes to Kelly Anne Blount who organizes the Wattpad Block Party and gathered all of the writers who will give out the prizes to the biggest wattpad fan.

Biggest Fan Contest - Wattpad Block Party - February 2016

Are you obsessed with wattpad?

Or maybe you just can’t get enough of your favorite author who posts there?

Maybe wattpad or someone on wattpad changed your life?

Then this is the contest for you as The Biggest Fan Contests celebrates all things wattpad!

How to enter.

Just explain what wattpad means to you or why you love the site or a particular author on that site and post your entry in the comments of this book.


– The comment can be about any wattpad author (even if they are not featured in the Wattpad Block Party) or about wattpad in general.

– You can submit only one comment.

– You must submit your comment on February 29 at the latest.

– You must be thirteen or older to enter.

– No explicit language is allowed.

– The contest is opened internationally.

The winner will be announced on March 5, 2016.


– The winner will be featured in the next Wattpad Block Party (August, 2016).

– The winner will receive a shout-out on wattpad from over twenty authors on their wattpad pages.

– The winner will receive chapter dedications from over twenty authors.

– The winner will receive signed paperbacks from Gavin Hetherington’s Abyssal Sanctuary (Books One and Two).

Note: More prizes may be added later.

The Biggest Fan Contest Runs independently from the Wattpad Block Party giveaways. That means that you can enter and win prizes from The Biggest Fan Contest and a giveaway.


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