Ambassador Interview with Stephanie Brianna (@xFakingaSmilex on wattpad)

Stephanie Brianna (xFakingaSmilex on wattpad)

Q1: Hello, Stephanie! How are you today?

I’m really good, thank you!

Q2: Tell us a little bit about yourself.   

I’m 19, from Australia, and I’m currently studying in childcare while writing on the sidelines. I really enjoy spending my free time writing, listening to music, and talking to other people.

Q3: You are an ambassador on wattpad; how and why did you become one?

I applied through the official account. I’ve always wanted to be an ambassador since I first joined the website back in 2011, so I’m thrilled to have accomplished this goal. I’ve always wanted to join the team because I’ve always wanted to be more involved with Wattpad and help out.

Q4: What exactly does an ambassador from the community team do?

We help to moderate the club to ensure things run smoothly and everyone is having a good time. We also represent the community to Wattpad to ensure a harmonious balance.

Q5: Does it pay off to be an ambassador? What do you like and dislike about it?

I believe it does pay off. I really enjoy helping other people with their Wattpad/writing questions, make sure people feel safe and are able to happily post. With anything you do, there’s always the down side, but I just take that into my stride and don’t worry about it.

Q6: How do you balance your ambassador duties with your writing schedule?

I tend to spend a couple of hours doing each one per day, I don’t feel like I struggle with it since hanging out in the clubs and writing are some of my favorite things to do.

Q7: Tell us a little bit about your books.

Stephanie's books

I’ve just finished a couple of works on my profile, which I’m thrilled about it. The latest book I completed is a teen fiction romance about teen parenting. It follows the lives of Blake and Ava as they stumble through to get by. Blake is dealing with the troubles of being a single parent, while Ava is learning to move forwards after losing her brother in a car crash. It’s all about the baby steps you take to keep moving forwards.

Q8: Where can we find you?

Wattpad: @xFakingaSmilex

Facebook (author page):

Instagram: @theescapestory

Twitter: @xFakingaSmilex

Snapchat : theescapestory

Ask FM: xFakingaSmilex

Kik: SquishyBubbles


Q9: Thank you for doing this interview, Stephanie!

Thank you so much for interviewing me, I’ve had a lot of fun! 🙂

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