18 Wattpad Block Party Posts That Are a Must-Read

18 Wattpad Block Party Posts That Are A Must-Read by Dilyana Kyoseva (CatMint5 on wattpad)

The Wattpad Block Party is almost coming to an end. With hundreds of chapters with exclusive content, how can you pick the best?

Especially when there’s such a variety?

Interviews, sneak peeks, sharing publishing experience and writing tips – there are so many interesting things on there! It wasn’t easy to narrow my favorite posts down. As a matter of fact, I was planning to pick only fifteen, but I couldn’t. That is why, in no particular order and excluding my own, here are eighteen amazing chapters in the Wattpad Block Party book:

  1. AYClaudy Presents: An Attempted Interview. Yes, @AYClaudy as in Ashley Claudy (read interview with her here) whose books Outside The Ropes and Hustle I read, reviewed, loved. Her post for the WBP is an interview with the male leads from those books (Gage and Andrew respectively) and two other characters from books I haven’t read yet – West from Ride (work in progress; available on wattpad) and Bishop from Bad Things (to be written), who I have no idea why, but I keep imagining as Jason Statham… Anyway, the interview is not just question, answer, question, answer; there’s interaction between the characters and their creator that makes it a delight to read. WARNING: The interview with these hunks might lead to silly giggles.
  1. isabelleronin Presents: Bonus Scene from Chasing Red. I’ve never read Chasing Red by @isabelleronin, but this post made me sure I had. This romance story is completed and available on wattpad.
  1. amberkbryant Presents: Blood King Exclusive Selections. This post by @amberkbryant starts off a bit slow with Elis’ POV (I still got interested in the character though) and becomes better when the POV switches to Sybille’s. The characters seem like an interesting pair and you can read about their adventures in Blood King. A new chapter is posted on wattpad each Friday.
  1. Reekles Presents: From Wattpad to Screen – Getting a Movie Deal! How @Reekles went from secretly posting on wattpad to 19M reads to a book deal to a movie deal. I know I’m interested in seeing The Kissing Booth.
  1. Christopher Pike Presents: Q & A Session. Want some advice from a veteran about writing and publishing? Then check out this post by @RealChristopherPike!
  1. XxSkater2Girl16xX Presents: Tips. Writing advise on grammar, spelling, plot and more by one of wattpad’s most popular writers and published author @XxSkater2Girl16xX.
  1. AshleyMansour Presents: Why My First Book Made Some Readers Angry. When I read the title of this post by @AshleyMansour, I thought it would be an interesting chapter of the WBP. Boy, was I wrong! This is far beyond interesting! She talks about her Blood, Ink & Fire and even though I didn’t get to read the blurb, let alone an excerpt as she didn’t include either, the post got me searching amazon for the book to see its price.
  1. CaroleMcDonnell Presents: What Writers can learn from a Writing Contest Judge. Thinking about entering a contest? And why wouldn’t you when the prizes often are feedback and spreading the word about your work; who wouldn’t want that? Well, in this chapter of the WBP, @CaroleMcDonnell talks about what you should and shouldn’t do in a contest. A lot of those tips apply to writing in general.
  1. And while we are on the topic of what not to do: ginawriter Presents: Four Easily Avoidable Writing Mistakes. How many of the things @ginawriter wrote about are you doing?
  1. NatashaPreston Presents: The Cellar Alternative Ending. Ah, The Cellar – a huge success on wattpad by @natashapreston and now a published outside of wattpad book. Some of you have probably already read it… But have you seen the alternative ending?
  1. Brucerelgin Presents: All About Plot. This post is by one of the wattpad ambassadors – @brucerelgin, but in it he doesn’t talk about his experience as an ambassador (if you are interested in reading about that, I’ve interviewed a couple of ambassadors; click here and here); instead, after he introduces himself, he speaks of… You guessed it: plot.
  1. Broken_Dream07 Presents: How to Write Smashing First Chapters in 9 Steps. Who doesn’t love a step-by-step guide? Thank you, @Broken_Dream07!
  1. Cherry_Cola_x Presents: Get to Know Your Characters Quiz. Yay, a quiz! This is a fun way to get to know your characters. Some of the things you discover/come up with you will include in your story, some won’t make the final cut, but will help you understand your heroes better. Courtesy of @Cherry_Cola_x.
  1. JayVictor Presents: Five Things Every Author Needs to Know. I guarantee you’ll agree with at least half of what @JayVictor
  1. Katrocks247 Presents: Death Is My BFF: Interview with Death. Another interesting character interview, this time with Death (nope, not a nickname; we are talking about the Grim Reaper here) from the popular series by @katrocks247.
  1. Nicoletteandrews Presents: Excerpt of The Sea Stone. If you’ve read my review on The Priestess and The Dragon, you know I’m a fan of @NicoletteAndrews so I was happy to see she posted an excerpt from one of her Fantasy stories in the WBP. If you want to learn a little something about Nicolette, check out the interview she gave me.
  1. AprylBaker7 Presents: Random Thoughts. Some thought on writing by the popular wattpader and USA Today Bestselling Author @AprylBaker7, creator of The Ghost Files.
  1. What better way to end this list about the Wattpad Block Party posts than to finish with tips about getting reads on wattpad? Jenmariewilde Presents: 5 Tips For Getting More Reads On Wattpad. With nearly 20K followers and two books with over 1M reads each, @jenmariewilde might be on to something, huh?

Okay, these were my eighteen. Once again, it was a difficult choice and I’d encourage you to check out the rest of the posts as well.  If you really want to read mine – a third sneak peek from Sentiments & Reason + info on the Dogs, Bats & Monkeys series + GIVEAWAY and Which You Are The Answer Character Are You quiz links – click here.

A huge THANK YOU goes to @KellyAnneBlount who did an outstanding job at organizing the event.

Kelly Anne Blount

Thank you for taking the time to brings us together, gather what we wrote and post it each day in the Wattpad Block Party – Winter Edition II book, thank you for posting the giveaways and for patiently answering the questions of those of us who hadn’t had the privilege to take part before!

❤ We love you, Kelly! ❤




6 thoughts on “18 Wattpad Block Party Posts That Are a Must-Read

  1. Although I liked knightsrachel’s post from today, too!
    But I guess that’s more of a treat to the fans! 😀

    @XxSkater2Girl16xX’s post, I should say, was, quite possibly the most helpful for me out of these 18.
    I have had a little trouble regarding the formatting lately, and I thought it would be awkward to ask questions about it to other people.
    Surprisingly, ALL my queries were answered here! 🙂
    I still haven’t checked out a couple of posts from this list, but I’ll do it ASAP

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Her post was very diverse. Some of the things I already knew (well, most), but I also learned something new. I would’ve included her post in my 18 even if I already knew/agreed with everything she wrote about. It’s a really good guide for both newbies and veterans so I just had to try and spread the word about it.


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