Tuesday Tiny Writing Tip #20 – Editing and Your Readers

Tuesday Tiny Writing Tip #20 by Dilyana Kyoseva (CatMint5 on wattpad) - Editing and Your Readers

You found a plot hole or big inconsistency in an old chapter or one of your readers discovered it and pointed it out to you; now what?

Well, you should go back to that chapter and rewrite it. But what about all the people who’ve already read it and think that the old information is accurate?

Look, you can’t leave a huge gaping hole in your story. Rewrite the chapter and find a way to notify your readers about that.

Will all of them notice? No. Some will miss out, but that is better than ruining your story.

So how can you notify them?

  • You could post an A/N in the newest chapter, telling them corrections were made in an older one.
  • You could add EDITED ON *DATE* as part of the chapter title/after the chapter number (this is probably the least effective since few people would look at the table of content and spot the changed chapter title).
  • If you are uploading on wattpad or a similar site that lets you send out message to your readers/fans/followers, use that.

Now, should you do this EVERY time you make a correction? No, only when the changes influence the plot.

You wrote in one chapter that your blue-eyed character had brown eyes? Edit that and write an A/N about it, although if you’ve already established that your character has blue eyes, people would probably figure out on their own that the brown eyes were a one-time error.

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