What is Dark N Stormy by Angela Stevens (Discount & FREE sample)

Dark N Stormy - Book III of the Cocktail Series by Angela Stevens

Dark ‘N’ Stormy – Book III in the Cocktail Series

The Cocktail Series books are full-length, standalone novels revolving around a collection of gritty characters. The men are hot hockey stick wielding guys and the women… are not what they seem.


Twenty-three-year-old Finn enjoys playing the field, but when a one night stand turns into something more, Finn is ready to jump on the relationship bandwagon. Thirty-three-year-old Julia Royston is everything Finn desires—blonde, sexy, and naughty in bed. But this love thing isn’t as plain sailing as he’s seen advertised. While Finn puts his past behind him, Julia’s rears its ugly head and Finn’s carefree life turns dark and stormy.

What intrigues me about this book:

I’m rarely in the mood for books that center more on sex than other parts of the characters’ relationship, but something tells me there will be a balance between the physical aspect and the emotional investment of Flynn and Julia. I’m starting this book today so we’ll see whether I’m right about this.

Dark N Stormy - Cocktail Series, Book III by Angela Stevens - Teaser

Where to buy/preorder + a time-limited special offer

All the books in the series are 99c up to release day (March 29th)!

And you can try Dark N Stormy before you buy it. Click here to get the first three chapters for FREE!

Will I be reviewing this book? Yep. The review will be up next week. When it is, I’ll add a link to it here.

Want to know more about Angela? Read the interview she gave me last summer!

Want to know what I think of her other books? You can check out my review for The Wolf You Feed here and the one for Mariquita (her only book that is aimed at children) here.

Have you read anything by Angela? What was it and what did you think of it? Share in the comments!

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