Tuesday Tiny Writing Tip #23 – Help with Those Pesky Titles


The last two Tuesdays I gave you tips on how to name your characters (TTWT #21 – Naming Your Characters & #22 – Your Character’s Name and Personality), but what about naming your story? Well, one option is to check out this short chapter of The Help Book on wattpad in which I give tips on coming up with a title; another is to use title generators. They are similar to the name generators I gave a link to in TTWT #22, but (of course!) generate titles.

  • Fantasy Name Generators. This site is a gem. I gave you the link to the title generator, but there are also options to generate a place or a character name amongst a bunch of other things; just click on whichever option in the menu suits your needs. And don’t be fooled by the name of the site: the names and titles it offers you are not only for the Fantasy genre.
  • Fiction Alley. Another good one. With this site you have to type in a few words that go with the theme of your story and the site will generate possible titles with them.
  • Kitt.net. This site generates perfectly random titles (six at a time) that are either for a Romance or a Sci-Fi/Fantasy story.

Do YOU know any other useful title generators?

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