Tuesday Tiny Writing Tip #24 – Switch It Up


I was struggling with a We are the Answer chapter last week; do you know what helped me? I switched up my writing method.

I usually make up the characters as I’m writing the story. For example:

I need someone my character could confide in, but it can’t be his best friend because the MC (main character) recently got in a fight with the best friend and it’s too soon to patch things up. Well, how about a brother?

And so, I come up with the brother because he is needed in the story I’ve already made up. Last week though, I did this in reverse. I wasn’t sure what to include in the chapter so I first created some new characters, give them a bit of a back story and then made up the story. Not only did I have material for the chapter I was writing, but I came up with an idea for a new book in the Dogs, Bats & Monkeys series, featuring some of these new characters.

Whatever your preferred writing method, if you are stuck, try the opposite of what you usually do.

So what do YOU usually do?

Do you create the characters first and build a story around them or do you make up a story and then the characters necessary for it?

Do you have to plan out your whole book before you write it or do you come up with the plot as you go?

Feel free to share in the comments!

PS: If you are looking for ways to get writing when the creativity well is dry, these two tips might also help:

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