Character Interview: Rhys & Riley (You are the Answer, We are the Answer)

You are the Answer & We are the Answer by Dilyana Kyoseva (CatMint5 on wattpad)

Hello, you funky monkeys! In March I asked you which of my characters you’d like me to interview next. Turns out you wanted a joint interview with Rhys and Riley from You are the Answer (completed draft on wattpad) and We are the Answer (ongoing, on wattpad). You wanted it and I’m giving it to you! Not only that, but they boys are going to answer YOUR questions. That’s right: Rhys and Riley are answering the questions you left for them in the comments of We are the Answer. And they are not going to skip a single one.

Let’s begin!

*Rhys and Riley walk into the living room.*

Me: Hello, boys! Make yourselves comfortable.

Riley: You do realize that Rhys and I are in our house, right?

*Riley sits on the sofa and Rhys makes himself comfortable next to his mate.*

Rhys: Well, she created us. I guess she gets to boss us around.

Me: For a Beta, you take well being bossed around.

Rhys: If I didn’t, I’d be an Alpha.

Me: True, true. Anyway, our readers have a bunch of questions for you two, but how about you first introduce yourselves for those who are not reading my Dogs, Bats & Monkeys series?

*Rhys turns to Riley.*

Rhys: Would you like to go first?

Riley: Not really.

Rhys: Okay. *He clears his throat.* My name is Rhys Flemings and I am a shape shifter. Some would call me a werewolf since the animal I morph into is a wolf. I was born and raised in Woodville, in the Silver Bullets pack. The pack consists only of wolf shifters, one werewolf/human hybrid and, of late, Riley…

Riley: Wait, wait, wait… There’s a hybrid in the pack?

Rhys: Yes, Galen Hardy. Haven’t I told you about him?

Riley: I’m pretty sure I would’ve remembered if you had.

Rhys: I’m sorry! I guess it never came up.

Riley: That’s okay. *Riley smiles.* Just introduce me to him later.

Rhys: Riley… You’ve already met.

Riley: We have? It’s just such a big pack…

Rhys: I know. Don’t worry about it. You’ve been with us for a very short while. You have all the time in the world to get to know all the Bullets. *He looks at me.* Now where was I?

Me: Something about being born in Woodville and the pack consisting of wolf shifters.

Rhys: Ah, yes. Thank you. Everyone in my family apart from one nephew…

Me: *Murmuring* Who we are going to have to mention later.

*Rhys raises and eyebrow and Riley looks first at him, then at me, confused.*

Me: *Louder* Later.

Rhys: Apart from one nephew, all of my family is wolf shifters. I have an older brother – Everett, and two younger ones – Carter and Kennedy. I’m twenty-four and I’ve only recently found my mate which is rather strange as we are able to recognize them once we turn sixteen. Most couples have already gone through the mating ceremony by the time they are twenty.

Me: We’ll get back to that. The mating ceremony, I mean.

*Rhys completely ignores me and takes Riley’s hand in his.*

Rhys: For a very long time I thought I might never find you. Now that I’ve met you, I don’t know how I would live without you.

Riley: You won’t have to. I’m right here.

Me: Right here and ready to introduce yourself, I hope.

Riley: Erm… *He gives us a little wave.* Hi. I’m Riley. I’m human, eighteen and I… I don’t really want to talk about my family.

*I put a hand on his knee.*

Me: And you don’t have to. Rhys though…

Rhys: What about me?

Me: There’s a question for you from @Akiraki123. It’s about Riley’s family.

Rhys: And the question is for me?

*I nod.*

Me: @Akiraki123 asks what do you think you’d do, if you met Riley’s family? Would you yell, look disappointedly at them, or just ask ‘why’?

Rhys: I admit that at first I was furious with them. To throw away their sixteen year old son on the streets just because he is gay? *He pauses, balling his fists.* What kind of parent would do that to their child? What kind of human being would do such a thing to another human being? I was furious. I was definitely going to yell at them. It would’ve taken all of my self-control not to physically lash out on them. But Riley wants to forget about them. *He turns to his mate, looking in his eyes.* You really are a good person, Riley. After all you’ve been through with them and because of them, you don’t want to see them hurt. That’s why I won’t do anything to your parents and brother. I won’t search for them, I won’t ask why or how could they do this to you… I’ll try to forget about them, just like you are trying.

*Riley leans his head on Rhys’ shoulder.*

Me: Okay, let’s get to the more light-hearted questions, shall we? How about… Let’s see… *I shuffle through my notes.* “Okay, how about this one by @Wonder_Ghost? She’s got a lot of questions, but this one will be pretty easy for one of you… *I glance at Rhys.* … to answer: guinea pig or a cat?

Rhys: Guinea pig, obviously. You know how I feel about cats.

Riley: Is both on option?

Rhys: Riley, you know I don’t like cats.

Riley: And you won’t get one even for me?

Rhys: I don’t think Luna will be happy with a cat.

Me: Oh, yeah… Where is the little pup?

Riley: We left her with Kennedy. It’s such a sunny day and we wanted to give her a chance to play outside. After all, we don’t know how long this interview will last. By the time we are done, it might be dark outside. *He turns back to Rhys.* Luna is still little and she’s a Golden Retriever; I’m sure she’ll get on with whatever other pets we get. Cats included.

Rhys: Can’t we just get a bunch of puppies? We both like puppies.

Riley: But I also like cats.

*Rhys sighs.*

Rhys: Fine, if it means so much to you… We’ll… Get a cat.

*Riley grins and lifts himself up to peck Rhys on the lips.*

Riley: Or we can just stick to the puppies.

Rhys: I thought you wanted a cat.

Riley: I just wanted to see if you’d leave that option open. I won’t go out to buy a cat, but if I see a cute, defenseless kitten left on its own, I can’t promise I won’t bring it home.

Me: So you both want a dog, you have nothing against a guinea pig and you don’t plan to get a cat, but you might end up with one?

Riley: Yep.

Rhys: I guess so.

*I take a pen and scribble down in my notebook.*

Rhys: What are you doing?

Me: Taking notes on your answers so I can use them later.

Riley: But you already wrote our story. I mean, We are the Answer is a work in progress, but that’s just Rhys’ POV on You are the Answer and that one is finished.

Me: True, but there are some things in WATA that you, Riley, as the YATA narrator couldn’t have known and therefore are only included in Rhys’ POV. Besides, I might have written your story, but you boys are part of the Dogs, Bats & Monkeys series and you’ll be present in other books, although not as main characters.

Riley: In all other books?

Me: Well, definitely in Keri’s… Did I tell you I entitled it Sentiments & Reason?

S&R..3 - Copy (2)

*The boys nod.*

Me: Obviously, you’ll be in that one. Keri is the Silver Bullets’ Alpha and your best friend, Rhys.

Rhys: I know that.

Me: I was just clarifying for those who haven’t read the books with you. After Sentiments & Reason we have a book about Alec which I have yet to come up with a title for.

Rhys: You can keep us out of that one.

Riley: Yeah, the less contact we have with Alec, the better.

Me: Are you sure?

Rhys and Riley: Yes, we are sure.

Me: But I was thinking about him being nice for once…

*Rhys snorts.*

Rhys: My nephew? Nice? He’s too much like his mother. And I would never call that vampire nice. Not after what she did to Everett.

*His fists ball again, but Riley puts his hands over Rhys’ and the shifter relaxes.*

Me: Well, not throughout the whole book – I mean, jerk is one of his main characteristics – but he could have a moment or two when he does something nice for someone.

Rhys: Alec is a selfish little brat whose hobbies include screwing with people metaphorically and literally. The only person he can be nice to is Vika. You created him, Dilyana, you know that.

Alec Quote - Dogs, Bats & Monkeys Series by Dilyana Kyoseva (CatMint5 on wattpad)

(Part of the first conversation Riley and Alec had in You are the Answer)

Me: But in your books we barely get a glimpse of him. In his book, we’ll get into his head. Maybe he’ll surprise us.

*Rhys narrows his eyes.*

Rhys: You haven’t actually planned his book yet, have you?

Me: Nope.

Riley: So you don’t know if we’ll be in it?

Me: Not exactly. I have a couple of ideas about chapters with you, but we’ll see how things unfold. Alec doesn’t live with the pack – actually, he doesn’t even live in Woodville – so you won’t have many reasons to meet.

Rhys: That’s good.

Me: After Alec’s book, there will be Kennedy’s. Again, I have no title for it and just a basic idea of what I want, but don’t worry, you two will be in it.

Rhys: Of course we will! Kennedy and I are really close. And so are he and Riley.

Riley: Yeah, from your siblings, I like Kennedy the most. *He smiles.*

Rhys: I hope you give my little brother a good story, Dilyana.

Me: He is one of my favorite characters so I will definitely try. Besides, he’s a fan favorite so I better try… If I value my life…

*Both boys laugh.*

Me: Have you read the comments to your stories on wattpad? He has a HUGE fan base!

Riley: It’s hard to resist the boy’s charm.

Me: Maybe his love interest will resist him…

*Rhys slides to the end of the couch and leans towards me.*

Rhys: Love interest? You are giving Kennedy a love interest?

Me: Well, he turns sixteen in his book and you know what that means. *I grin.*

Rhys: The Age of Recognition. He’ll be able to recognize his mate!

Kennedy Quote - Dogs, Bats & Monkeys Series by Dilyana Kyoseva (CatMint5 on wattpad)

(Conversation between Riley and Kennedy, You are the Answer)

Me: Yep. But now let’s get back to the questions. This interview is turning more about the series than the two of you.

Rhys: But I want to know more about my brother!

Me: Nope. Not giving you spoilers.

Riley: Come on, Dilyana… Please!

Me: Riley Rivers, you can bat your eyelashes at me all day long. I’m not Rhys; it won’t work.

*Riley sighs and leans back.*

Me: Now, let’s get back to the questions. Oh, here’s one that involves Kennedy.

*Rhys perks up.*

Me: Rhys, @Wonder_Ghost wants to know who is a bigger perv – you or Kennedy?

*Riley giggles and covers his mouth with his hand. Rhys goes red.*

Rhys: I’m not a perv! And neither is my brother! He’s only thirteen!

Me: Okay, okay! Don’t shout at me; I’m only passing on what the readers asked in the comments.

Rhys: Just… Just move on to another question.

Me: Okay, let’s see… *I going through my notebook again.* There are a lot of questions about your wedding.

Riley: We are having a wedding?

Me: I haven’t planned one so for now it’s your hypothetical wedding.

Rhys: But you have planned a mating ceremony, right? You promised us one.

Me: Yes, yes, I have it under Ideas in my Sentiments & Reasons folder.

*Rhys is visibly pleased.*

Me: This will be a good time to explain what the mating ceremony is, but…

Riley: But what?

Me: But this interview has gotten so long! And I’ve barely asked any questions. Maybe we should have another go at this. Shall we say next week? We’ll stick to the readers’ questions then. Well, except for explaining what the mating ceremony is.

Riley: Do you think anyone would be interested in reading that second interview?

Me: I don’t see why not. They were interested in asking you questions, weren’t they?

Rhys: She has a point. On both accounts – the length and people being interested in us.

Riley: In you mostly, I’m sure. You are the more interesting one.

*Rhys turns around in the couch so he could hug Riley.*

Rhys: Nah. I find you fascinating.

Riley: But, Rhys, it is you who…

Me: Let’s just wrap this up, shall we? Before you two get all lovey-dovey.

Rhys: Sure.

*It is my turn to narrow my eyes at him.*

Me: You just want me to leave so you can take advantage of being alone and do naughty stuff, don’t you?

*Both boys blush.*

Rhys: I thought we were wrapping this up.

Riley: Yeah, let’s.

Me: So, any parting words for this week?

Rhys: Just that we are flattered and grateful for all the attention and support the readers have given us.

Riley: Yes, we really appreciate that and we hope to see everyone in the next interview as well. We’ll try to stick to the questions so you’ll get to find out what you want about us.

Me: Well, funky monkeys, you heard the boys. Thank you for your support of the series and see you next week in Part Two of the interview!

A huge THANK YOU to these people for their support and coming up with questions for the boys:

Thank You for Your Questions


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