What I Think about Heart of Thorns by Nicolette Andrews


Heart of Thorns – Book I of the Thornwood Series

Genres: Fantasy, Romance


Catherine arrives at Thornwood Abbey on the heels of rushed marriage. The gothic style mansion is shrouded in fog and a sinister past. When neighbours start dying one after another, their hearts cut out, no one notices except for Catherine. The murders are tied to Catherine and old village superstition. In order to save herself, Catherine must confront her scandalous past before the killer takes her heart.    

What I think of the book:

The first thing you notice about Nicolette Andrews’ books are the amazing covers. And when you actually pick up a book and open it (or go through the e-book), you realize that it’s a page-turner.

That was the case for me last year with The Priestess and The Dragon – book one of the Dragon Saga and this month with the first book in the Thornwood series – Heart of Thorns.

The thing that I dislike to an extend in both books is that somewhere about two-thirds into the books a complication arises that makes things messy just when I thought I had figured out the solutions for most of the problems the characters were having. I find that slightly irritating, but at the same time, it provides new challenges for our heroes. A good not-so-little addition or unnecessary complication of the plot – grab either of the books and decide for yourselves.

As for the things I like in Heart of Thorns

A small English village, bordering on an enchanted forest; what’s not to like?

Heart of Thorns by Nicolette Andrews - Teaser 2

There is a lot more mystery in this book and it kept me guessing who the murderer (or maybe murderers?) was for a really long while. The characters – main and side – all have distinct and diverse personalities and better yet: they all have their secrets. Like Catherine, I didn’t know who to trust.

Should I rely on Lord Thornton – seemingly the perfect devoted husband and a good person, who nevertheless has something off about him… Or is that all in my head?

Or should I give the cheeky and charming Mr. Thorn the benefit of the doubt even though he is the prime murder suspect from the beginning of the book?

Heart of Thorns - Teaser 3 - by Nicolette Andrews

Secrets, lies, mystery, magic and the enchanting way Nicolette presents them to us – that heady concoction will keep you glued to her Heart of Thorns.

Who I would recommend this book to? I’d recommend Heart of Thorns to lovers of both the Fantasy and Mystery genres, especially if they enjoy books with an old-timey feel to them.

My rating: heart for Heart of Thorns by Nicolette Andrews heart for Heart of Thorns by Nicolette Andrews heart for Heart of Thorns by Nicolette Andrews heart for Heart of Thorns by Nicolette Andrews heart for Heart of Thorns by Nicolette Andrews (5 out of 5 thorny hearts)

Would I re-read this book? Definitely!

Would I buy other books in this series or by this author? Yes!

Where can you pre-order/buy the book?

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Have you read anything by Nicolette?

What did you think of it?

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