Wattpad Block Party – Summer Edition II – Announcement

Wattpad Block Party - August, 2016 - Banner 1

Guess who is joining another Wattpad Block Party!

Yep: this girl!

For those of you who don’t know what the WBP is: an online event, hosted on wattpad by USA Today Bestselling author Kelly Anne Blount and featuring posts from wattpaders from all around the world, with different interests and different writing styles.

Also, we’ll be organizing giveaways so make sure to check out the links at the end of each WBP post.

My post for the previous Wattpad Block Party – Winter Edition II was a third sneak peek from Sentiments & Reason – a paranormal romance, part of the Dogs, Bats & Monkeys series I’m uploading on wattpad (← click on that link to be taken to the reading list with all the stories from the series). If you want to read the Sentiments & Reason sneak peeks you can do so here:

Now, for the second WBP that I’ll be taking part in, I had a choice: another sneak peek from a future project, a one-shot companion to one of my books or some writing tips. Since the previous time I indulged the wattpad readers, I’m going to aim my new post at the wattpad writers community and go with tips.

On what, you might ask?


I plan to give some short tips on as many writing-related topics as I could cover in a single post without making it obnoxiously long. We are talking about advice on titles, covers, opening lines, editing, wattpad etiquette, connecting with your audience…

You name it, I’ll try to include it.

Seriously, you name it: if there’s a particular topic you want me to cover in my post for the summer Wattpad Block Party – this one will be in August, by the way – comment here or drop me a line in a PM on wattpad @CatMint5.

August Update: The blog post is now live. Get your tips right here!

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