Wattys 2016

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Yay, it’s almost time for the Wattys to begin! Are you as excited as I am?

Wait, you don’t know what the Wattys are?

Don’t fret; I got you covered!

So, what are the Wattys?

They are an official writing contest that Wattpad organizes each year. It’s a wonderful opportunity for both wattpad-famous and unknown authors to show their work to a new audience and win some prizes. Just like the rules, the prizes could change from year to year, but what the Wattys always offers is more exposure, especially if you win in one of the categories.

You heard that right: there are several categories and each has several winners so you stand a chance and yes, that means even if you are a new author with a tiny audience.

In fact, there’s not one, but THREE categories you could enter if you are new and with a small reader base: Hidden Gems (for stories that deserve a larger fan base), Writer’s Debut (for people who posted their first story in 2016) and New Voices (for stories with a low reads count).

So, yes, Wattpad is interested in your work even if you are not a star… yet.

Okay, but what if your English is not that good, but you still want to enter the Wattys?

You might have a chance to do that in your native language.

This year, due to the interest in some languages that have a wide readership (Well, and writership… is that a word? It is now!), there are official international Wattys profiles. If your story is in one of these languages, you can officially enter it in the 2016 Wattys:

Click on any of those links and you’ll be taken to the official Wattys page for the corresponding language.

If you have a story in Spanish, click on @WattysES, check out the info there and make sure to follow the profile for news; if you want to enter your story in Russian, click on @WattysRU and do the same. Of course, no matter in which language you write, it wouldn’t hurt to follow the original @Wattys page which is in English.

Okay, Dilyana, now I know that even if I’m not popular or I don’t write in English, I could still enter and maybe win; but how do I enter? And how do I pick which categories should I run in?

These are two very good questions.

The first has an easy answer: tag your story with #Wattys2016. And yes, you must add this as one of your story tags, NOT add it to the story title.

As for the second question: there are several categories and you have to add different tags to run in each. This question needs a long answer and I’ll give it to you right here, on CatMint5’s World, next week.

So, what to expect in the next Wattys post?

– important dates

– who can take part in the Wattys

– which stories are eligible to run

– which stories are not eligible for the Wattys

– which award is your story suitable for and how to run for it

– how to add a tag to your story

– things to keep in mind when tagging (you don’t want to end up disqualified because you messed up a tag, do you?)

If you have any questions about the Wattys or even how to add a tag to your wattpad story, don’t be shy to ask me! You can do so in the comments here or PM me on this wattpad account: @CatMint5.

Good luck if you enter!

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