Wattys – The World’s Largest Online Writing Contest

The Wattys 2016

The 2016 Wattys have officially started!

Last week, I told you what the Wattys are, what’s the benefit in entering and how you can enter with a story that’s not written in English; today, we are going to cover:

– important dates

– who can take part in the Wattys

– which stories are eligible to run

– which stories are not eligible for the Wattys

– which award is your story suitable for and how to run for it

– how to add a tag to your story

– things to keep in mind when tagging (you don’t want to end up disqualified because you messed up a tag, do you?)


Wattys begin on: June 20, 2016

Deadline by which you should enter: August 31, 2016

Announcing the winners: fall, 2016

I know, I know: fall, 2016 sounds very vague. It will be difficult to pinpoint an exact date though; after all, no one knows how many people are going to enter. All they know is that well, many people will enter.

A great deal many.

And why wouldn’t we want to take part in this contest?

The winning stories always gain popularity after Wattpad promotes them. Even the stories that don’t win could up their read count by entering.

So, who can enter, with what and how.


Everyone with a wattpad account, as long as they submit an entry that fits the requirements.

That’s right: unlike some other contest that you can enter only if you live in USA/Canada, the Wattys are opened to us all.


As I said last week, basically any story that follows Wattpad‘s Content Guidelines. That includes:

– any length (one-shot, short story, novella, novel)

– any genre and sub-genres (Teen-Fiction, Non-Fiction, Fanfiction, Poetry, Action, Romance, Vampire, ChickLit, etc.)

– completed in 2016 or ongoing with three or more chapters posted in 2016

– aimed at children, teens, adults

– mature stories


– copyrighted material that doesn’t belong to you

– pornography

– stories with sexual acts with children

– stories encouraging/promoting non-consensual sex, bestiality, necrophilia, hatred, violence, suicide or self-harm

– promo excerpts (the first few chapters are on wattpad with the blurb or the last chapter having something amongst the lines of “If you want to read the rest, go buy my book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, *Some Other Store*“)

Mind you, all, except for the last of those, are prohibited on Wattpad, not just ineligible for the Wattys.


There are ten different awards. In order to enter the contest this year, add Wattys2016 as a tag to your story or stories (there’s no limit to how many you can submit), but keep in mind that two of the awards require another tag to be added as well.

Awards you can run for with only Wattys2016 as a tag:

Writer’s Debut – for people who posted their first story on Wattpad this year, regardless of when they’ve created their Wattpad account

Hidden GemsWattpad stories that deserve a bigger audience and more popularity

Voracious Reads – the award is given to stories that have the highest percentage of chapters read from first to last

Talk of the Town – stories with the most in-line comments

Collector’s Edition – stories that are most often added to people’s libraries

New Voices – stories with small reads count

HQ Love – the award is given to the stories that the people who work at Wattpad HQ read and love

Awards you can run for with Wattys2016 AND another tag:

Visual Storytelling – stories including a lot of in-line media (pictures and videos); the story could be told thoroughly through the media or the media could be used to support the plot | Second tag needed: VisualStory

Trailblazers – the award in this category is given to stories that stand out by being unique | Second tag needed: Trailblazers

The last award is People’s Choice.

As you could probably guess from the title, it’s the fans who decide which stories are going to win this award. Unlike with the other nine where the stats are taken from Wattpad, here it’s Twitter votes that count.

On August 1 and for twenty-four hours only, your fans can support your work by tweeting the title of your story, the link to it and #MyWattysChoice.

Here’s an example of what the tweet could look like, given with my We are the Answer:

We are the Answer http://my.w.tt/UiNb/3YgRhsiCtu #MyWattysChoice

Of course, the tag doesn’t have to be at the end; it could be at the beginning. Just make sure the tweet has these three elements:

– title

– link to story

– #MyWattysChoice

Make sure you have the right tags! Your entries won’t count otherwise. Check out THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND WHEN TAGGING (bottom of this post) to avoid getting disqualified over incorrect tags.


On a PC:

  1. Go to Works
  2. Click the story title
  3. Click Edit Story (orange button, over the blurb)
  4. Type the tag
  5. Press Enter on your keyboard
  6. Click Save Changes (orange button at the top of your screen)

On the Wattpad App:

  1. Click on your story
  2. Click on Options (three dots on top of each other; the top right corner, next to +)
  3. Click Story Settings
  4. Click Add More (under Tags)
  5. Type your tag
  6. Click ADD
  7. Click Save (top right corner)


– check the spelling of the tags

RIGHT: Wattys2016

WRONG: Watties2016

– don’t write spaces between the words in ONE tag (obviously, leave space between each tag); this goes for both Wattpad and Twitter

RIGHT: VisualStory

WRONG: Visual Story

– you don’t need to include # when typing a tag on Wattpad, but you need it on Twitter

RIGHT for Twitter: #MyWattysChoice

WRONG for Twitter: MyWattysChoice

– don’t leave space between # and MyWattysChoice

RIGHT: #MyWattysChoice (has #, there’s no space between it and the words, nor is there space between each word)

WRONG: # MyWattysChoice (there’s space between # and the words)

WRONG: #My Wattys Choice (there’s space between the words; this way only “My” is a tag)

Once again, if you have any questions about the Wattys, ask me in the comments here or PM me on wattpad @CatMint5.

Good luck and don’t forget to follow @TheWattys on Wattpad!


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