Tuesday Tiny Writing Tip #36 – Unfortunate Names

Tuesday Tiny Writing Tip #36 by Dilyana Kyoseva (CatMint5 on wattpad) - Unfortunate Names

Unfortunate Names. TTWT #21 – Naming Your Characters and TTWT #22 – Your Character’s Name and Personality are here to help you come up with names for your characters. Today I’m giving you another tip on the topic and it advices you on how to avoid some awkward situations like this one:

That Awkward Moment When... Names

Yep. This happened to me a couple of months ago.

On the bright side, it might’ve brought me some new readers who thought I was writing fan fiction for the actor, on the not-so-bright side: it wasn’t fan fiction so they would’ve ended up disappointed.

Besides, can you imagine your book getting a strong fan base, you being absolutely ecstatic with it and then someone telling you that your MC shares a name with a famous actor with dozens of R-rated movies on his CV?

Or worse: that the character is called the same as a notoriously brutal killer?

If you are not writing a horror book, you probably don’t want that.

Moral of the story and tip for the day: always google the MC’s name to make sure there isn’t a celebrity they share it with.


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