What I Think about Finvarra’s Circus by Monica Sanz

Finvarra's Circus by Monica Sanz

Finvarra’s Curcus by Monica Sanz

Genres: Fantasy, Fairytale, Romance


Finvarra’s Circus is coming to town, and Leanna Weston is determined to see it. Everyone knows once the circus leaves, the fairest girl in town is found dead, deformed, and heartless. Rumors say it’s the handsome ringmaster, Finvarra, who steals their beauty and their hearts, but this means little to Leanna. Her heart is damaged and failing her. Surely he won’t want it. She sneaks into the circus, but caught by Finvarra, he gives her a choice: become their tightrope walker or die.

Leanna accepts, and now a part of their strange family, she learns that Finvarra never meant to harm her. He needs her to stay. An ancient curse binds the troupe to their circus. They must perform forever or perish. To break the curse,Finvarra must die, and only the famed muse, the Leanan Sidhe, can kill him.

Finvarra believes he’s found his muse in Leanna, and Leanna can’t deny the growing attraction between them. But not everyone wants freedom for the circus and they’ll kill any girl suspected of being Finvarra’s inspiration.

With her life and the circus’s on the line, can Leanna sacrifice her love to free the troupe?  Will her feelings for Finvarra be their demise? Or will her heart fail her when she needs it the most?

What I think of the book:

I’m not a morning person, but I was pretty excited when I woke up today as I was looking forward to writing this review.

When I got the Finavarra’s Circus ARC last week, I was worried that since I’m a slow reader (and I had blog posts to create and Wattpad stories to update), I won’t be able to finish the book on time for its release.

However, my worries proved pointless.

Finvarra’s Circus is one of those books that make you say “Just one more chapter and I’m going to bed”, then “Okay, just the first couple of paragraphs of this chapter, just to see what it’s about… And a couple of more… And, well, I’ve started the chapter already; might as well finish it.”

Want a tearjerker? Read. This. Book.

Happiness, anger, sadness – you will feel all the emotions the characters go through as if you are one of them, as if you are them. The descriptions in this book will engulf you, painting vivid pictures in your imagination and opening you to a whole new world, one filled with magic.

Magic you will want to be a part of.

You will want to be a part of Finvarra’s troupe, you will want to share in their curse and you’ll want to risk you life for him, for Leanna, for Kioyo, for all of them.

Indeed, Finvarra’s enchantment is seeping through every page and so is the magic that is the writing of Monica Sanz.

Who I would recommend this book to? I’d recommend Finvarra’s Circus to all the people who need magic in their lives.

My rating: stone-576371_960_720_50x55 stone-576371_960_720_50x55 stone-576371_960_720_50x55 stone-576371_960_720_50x55 stone-576371_960_720_50x55  (5 out of 5 magic crystals)

Would I re-read this book? Yes, yes, many times yes!

Would I buy other books by this author? Definitely!

Where can you buy the book?

Other books by Monica that I’ve reviewed:

  • Seventh BornThe Witchling Academy Series, Book 1 (Fantasy, Paranormal, Mystery, detective, magic, witches, supernatural)

Want to get a chance to talk to the author or to win a signed paperback? Join the Finvarra’s Circus release party she’s having on facebook this July 2.

Can’t wait that long? Want to know a little bit about Monica right now? Read the interview she gave me just a few days ago!

So, when are you getting your copy of Finvarra’s Circus?

Feel free to share in the comments what you thought of it once you read it!


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