47 Ways for Your Characters to Walk

47 Ways for Your Characters to Walk by Dilyana Kyoseva (CatMint5 on Wattpad)

Your character enjoys walking. Or maybe they don’t, but they have to do it often because they are too young to drive or because their car broke, or because they are too poor to afford a car in the first place. Whichever it is, here are forty-seven ways to not only avoid repeating walk over and over again, but to actually describe with one single word how your character moves.

  1. to amble – to walk in a slow pace, leisurely
  2. to bounce – to walk energetically
  3. to careen – to move swiftly and in a swaying motion or without control
  4. to falter – to move with hesitation or unsteadily
  5. to flounder – to move clumsily and with difficulty (especially in water/mud)
  6. to footslog – to walk with effort and for a great distance (usually used for soldiers)
  7. to hike – to walk a long distance in the country or wilderness
  8. to hobble – to walk unsteadily, usually because of an injury
  9. to limp – to walk with difficulty due to an injured/stiff leg
  10. to lumber – to walk slowly, clumsily
  11. to lurch – to move abruptly, in a staggering motion
  12. to march – to walk steadily, with rhythmic steps
  13. to meander – to move aimlessly, idly, without direction
  14. to mince – to walk delicately, with short quick steps
  15. to mosey – to move in a leisurely manner
  16. to pace – to walk in consistent speed, usually back and forth due to anxiety/annoyance
  17. to parade – to walk in an attention-seeking way
  18. to prowl – to move in a predatory manner
  19. to ramble – walking for pleasure (usually on a defined route), leisurely
  20. to roam – to move about aimlessly, over a large area
  21. to sashay – to walk with exaggerated movements of the hips
  22. to saunter – to walk leisurely
  23. to scuff – to walk without lifting your feet, scraping the ground
  24. to shamble – to move slowly, awkwardly
  25. to skulk – to move stealthily
  26. to somnambulate – to sleepwalk
  27. to stagger – to walk with difficulty
  28. to stalk – to walk stiffly, haughtily or in anger
  29. to stomp – to move noisily, with heavy steps, usually to display anger
  30. to stride – to walk with long steps, often in a vigorous pace
  31. to stroll – to walk aimlessly, leisurely
  32. to strut – to walk in an arrogant, conceited way
  33. to stumble – to momentarily lose your balance, to trip and almost fall
  34. to swagger – to walk in a confident and sometimes arrogant or aggressive way
  35. to tiptoe – to walk quietly with your heels raised
  36. to totter – to move in an unsteady way
  37. to traipse – to move wearily or aimlessly
  38. to tramp – to walk heavily, noisily
  39. to trample – to walk with the intention of crushing whatever you step on
  40. to tread – walk slowly, steadily
  41. to tromp – to walk heavily
  42. to trot – to move in a hurry
  43. to trudge – to walk with heavy steps, usually due to exhaustion and/or hard conditions
  44. to waddle – to walk clumsily and in a swaying motion
  45. to wade – to walk through liquid or snow
  46. to wander – to walk aimlessly
  47. to wobble – to move unsteadily from one side to the other

While I was searching for verbs to compile this list, I came across several terms that I already knew, but didn’t realize they also meant walk.

What about you? Were you surprised by the words in this list?

Do you know any other I could add?

If so, please share them in the comments and if this list was useful to you, consider giving it a like and clicking on one – or a few – of the share buttons!

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