Summer Writing Prompt: IT’S A SEA MONSTER… NOW WHAT?

Summer Writing Prompt by Dilyana Kyoseva (CatMint5 on Wattpad) - IT'S A SEA MONSTER... NOW WHAT

Camp NaNo is almost over, but we have another month of summer. Well, at least in my country we do. And since I gave you twelve winter-related writing prompts, I’m going to give you a summer one as well.


Your character has recently been rejected by their crush. Going on a seaside vacation with nosy, loud family members is the last thing they desire right now, but hey, at least they are far away from the pitying looks of their friends.

Wanting some privacy, they walk alone on the beach. A strange object grabs their attention. At first they think it’s an oddly-shaped, oddly-colored stone so they pick it up and carry it to their room.

It’s now nighttime. Your character awakens from the sound of scratching. They realize it’s coming from the weird stone they’ve put on their bedside table… Only it’s not a stone.

It’s an egg and your character just became the guardian/foster parent of a newly-hatched sea monster.

What do they do?

Questions to help you write:

– Did anyone else hear the monster hatch?

– How does your character react and how do they feel? Do they think they are dreaming? Are they happy? Are they scared?

– Does your character want to keep the monster? If not, do they end up keeping it and if so, how and why?

– Do they keep the monster a secret and how? Remember, your character is a part of a nosy family.

– How does the monster look and sound? Does it smell of the sea or fish? How does it behave? What does it eat? Does it have any supernatural powers and what? Does it need to be near the sea or can it live on land as well, as long as there’s water and salt nearby?

– What’s the monster’s initial reaction to your character?

– How does their relationship progress?

Complications and story ideas:

– A group of monster hunters gets wind that the sea monster is with your character so they kidnap it. Write about how your MC tries to get it back.

– The monster’s parents show up and try to harm your MC for kidnapping their son/daughter.

– Your character’s holiday is coming to an end and the monster can only live in the sea so they have to say goodbye.

– Your character’s younger sibling takes the monster for a stuffed toy and steals it from them. The MC tries to get the monster back without drawing too much attention to it, but fails. Now that the younger sibling knows how much the MC wants the stuffed toy back, they make your character fulfill their ridiculous demands that always embarrass the MC and maybe get them in trouble with their parents.

– For romance stories: The monster’s special ability is to make people fall in love. The MC takes it back to their hometown and uses the monster to enchant his crush. Once they are a couple though, the MC starts having doubts and eventually realizes that what they did was unfair to their crush. They break the spell (How?) and have to face the consequences of their actions. Maybe they manage to win their crush over on their own.

– For horror stories: Your monster eats meet and your character trains it to hunt and devour all the people he/she doesn’t like, including the crush that turned them down.

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