Tuesday Tiny Writing Tip #42 – The Benefits of a Character Interview

Tuesday Tiny Writing Tip #42 by Dilyana Kyoseva (CatMint5 on wattpad) - The Benefits of a Character Interview

One way to better understand your characters is to know them well. How can you get to know them?

By interviewing them, of course!

You have no idea how many aspects of their personality will pop up once you imagine that you are seating down with them and chatting while sipping from your favorite beverage or munching on your favorite food. But it’s not only their personality; while the two of you talk, you might come up with a question and answer that gives you information you’d like to include in your book. It might lead to an important event or it might be something small that would make the character more relatable. How to come up with the interview questions?

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Think of what you usually want to know about a person when you meet them.
  • Read interviews – it doesn’t have to be of fictional characters; celebrity interviews would also do – and pen down the questions you find interesting.
  • Ask your readers to come up with questions.

I knew some of the things I wanted to ask Rhys and Riley from You are the Answer and We are the Answer before I wrote the interview with them; however, I added an A/N (Author’s Note) in a chapter, telling my readers that I’ll be posting an interview with the boys and that if they – the readers – have questions for Rhys and/or Riley, they could write them in the comments. The result?

Character Interview: Rhys & Riley and Character Interview: Rhys & Riley – PART TWO.

Thanks to my readers, I had enough questions for not one, but two interviews. Feel free to check those out and use the questions you like. If you want more examples, click on these: Character Interview: Alissa Clover Green and Character Interview: Tyson Williams.

By the way, there’s another benefit in doing a character interview: posting it online is a treat for your readers and this makes your audience especially happy when they are the ones asking the questions. After all, who doesn’t want to know more about their favorite hero or villain?

And if someone who isn’t reading your books reads the interview and likes the character, they might check out your work.

For more tips on character creation, check out TTWT #15 – Character Development and Beliefs and TTWT #26 – Character Creation – Character Sheets (you can download a free character sheet here).

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Please give this tip a LIKE if you think it’s useful and if you have any tips on getting to know your characters or are dying to share an awesome question for a character interview, leave a comment!

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