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Community profiles are becoming a thing on Wattpad. These are accounts, created in order to promote a cause or to cater to the audience of a particular genre. One such profile is the @NewAdultReads which is run by Elizza (@Indigo_Night), Emilita (@emilita) and Austen (@AustenSnowWrites). Today the three girls are going to tell us what exactly is @NewAdultReads and how to get your story featured on the profile.

Q1: What is New Adult (the genre)?

Austen: New Adult is a semi-new developing genre that is looked at as the older version of the Young Adult genre. There are two major differences between the genres: 1) New Adult characters are normally 18-30 years old and 2) New Adult focuses on issues related to life changes such as moving from home, going to college, developing sexuality, making career choices etc. To put it into simpler terms, New Adult looks at how life is after you’ve reached legal age.

Q2: How and why was the New Adult Reads account created?

Austen: The account was created by the very talented @AnneLutz who also created @youngadultreads. It was made to expose the developing genre as we all support those who read/write it. Not many know about the genre or the importance of it so the account helped by providing more information about it as well as tools about how to make the most of the genre.

Q3: I know you have several reading list featuring NA stories. How can one apply to be added to a list? What are you looking for?

Emilita: So far, we decided to browse the hot lists (as well as our personal libraries) for well-received stories from each given genre. The ones you see featured thus far have not applied themselves, but were rather discovered by us.

We would be happy to add further stories to the lists. The guidelines for how to do so can be found in our Club Information Book – in the chapter called Pitch for the Reading Lists.

Q4: Is there any content that would prevent you from adding a stories to those reading lists or do you accept all stories that are NA and follow Wattpad’s regulations?

Emilita: The reading list are a great opportunity for writers to showcase their work, but also for readers to find their next favourite book. In the interest of readers, we will not consider adding books with basic grammar and punctuation omissions that make it hard to read and appreciate the book. We would not read the entire book searching for a missed comma, of course, but we will have a peek to see if the writing is on the higher end of the spectrum.

Q5: Do you have any advice for NA writers?

Elizza: It doesn’t take a special person to write New Adult. If you’re interested in it then just dive in. New Adult is a wonderful genre full of lots of opportunities to try new things. It allows writers to experiment with new settings, like college or first jobs, and more mature themes, like religion and sexuality. Don’t force yourself to tackle a subject you’re not ready for but also don’t be afraid to discuss themes and ideas you think are important. New Adult is about opening up to new ideas, places, and people. Be open to trying new things and you’ll be set!

Q6: Contests are very popular on Wattpad. Are you going to be organizing any for NA stories?

Elizza: Absolutely! The NewAdultReads team is all about branching out and encouraging people to try new things, so what better way to do that than some contests. Contests will be hosted monthly and open to all writers whether you’re new to Wattpad or a pro. We’d love to get more people to dip their toes into New Adult literature and maybe try out a new genre within New Adult. Keep your eyes open for contests coming soon!

Meet the NewAdultReads Team

NewAdultReads Wattpad Team

Hello, you three! How about each of you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Q1: How did you discover Wattpad?

Austen: My friend actually told me about Wattpad. She knew I loved to write and dared me to post a story on Wattpad (Forbidden Literature) and I couldn’t say no so I posted a few chapters thinking that would be it and now here I am, haha!

Emilita: I saw it in a tweet and decided to check it out. I immediately started reading a really professionally written story, which by the way only had 500 reads at the time, now about 50 000.

Elizza: My best friend is a big fangirl and started reading fanfiction on here. She showed it to me, and it was all downhill from there. Just kidding, I loved the social aspect of Wattpad and decided to start posting my first story on here.

Q2: How long have you been posting stories there?

Austen: It will be a year for me in September.

Emilita: It has been about four years now. What a journey!

Elizza: Three years this past July! It doesn’t feel nearly that long.

Q3: What genres do you like to write in? What about your favourite genres to read?

Austen: I usually write paranormal/adventure but lately all I write is romance. I love to read those same genres as well (mostly romance though).

Emilita: I write science fiction and fantasy, although I’ve only posted science fiction on Wattpad.

Elizza: I’m a science-fiction and fantasy girl all the way. I post a little bit of both on Wattpad; though, sometimes I branch out to other genres when I’m reading.

Q4: Do you have a favourite NA book?

Austen: My favourite new adult book on Wattpad is Arrows and Anchors by @ReeReverie and my favourite new adult book that’s not from Wattpad would probably be the Vampire Academy series.

Emilita: I really loved the Faery Vow by @saturn137 and Waters of Oblivion by @rskovach.

Elizza: Ooh, that’s tough. I love The Unsound Theory by @emilita. No bias, it’s just really good. I also like Find Violet Hide: Secrets In Space by @LauraSlate.

Q5: Why did you decide to join the NAR team?

Austen: I joined it a while back as a moderator that would make graphics and such. I really fell in love with the concept of an account dedicated to New Adult books because to me it’s a very relatable and important genre. When the opportunity arose to help run the account, I was immediately there because I loved everything it stood for and had ideas on how to make it even better. It just seemed like a great fit to me!

Emilita: I remember messaging the account a while back to suggest they explore NA in other genres, too. I could just so clearly picture many books and initiatives I would do if it were up to me, so when I heard they were looking for new moderators, I just couldn’t pass on the opportunity.

Elizza: I’ve always loved books that weren’t afraid to tackle more mature themes, so New Adult literature naturally appealed to me. Emilita was actually the first person to tell me about this account, and when I looked at it I was so excited by the idea of an entire account for New Adult stories. There was no way I could miss an opportunity to be a part of such a wonderful account.

So, what do you think of the NewAdultReads initiative and the NA genre?

If you are interested in community profiles – be it to add something to your reading list or to get some exposure for your Wattpad story – here’s one more for you: @BadAssReads.

Don’t know what that is?

Well, read on!

Everybody Loves a BadAss

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