Announcing Share the Stage September

Welcome, everyone, to Share the Stage September!

Share the Stage September - Guest Posts on CatMint5's Blog

During this month, I’ll be sharing my stage – this blog – with other authors. Get ready to read all sorts of writing advice by our guest authors and even a little bit about Wattpad from none other than Gavin who started out as a Wattpad Ambassador and now works at Wattpad HQ!

Boy, would I love to go there… The office looks amazing!

Anyway, you are probably wondering whether you’ll be reading anything from me this month. The answer is: yes.

The Tuesday Tiny Writing Tips will be posted each Tuesday, with the exception of September 6. It’s We are the Answer‘s first birthday so I’ve prepared a Dogs, Bats & Monkeys Series-related post for that date.

And the guest posts?

Well, we have:

3 Ways to Spice Up Your Wattpad Stories by Sandi Ward (@sandiwardbooks)

A Review of Eleanor & Park by Sarah (@HSH_DeathStar)

A Spotlight on Editing by Angela Stevens (@AngelaStevens562)

Hashtags on Wattpad by Nick (@AtomicNicky)

My Top 10 Tips for Writing More by Samantha Jayne Grubey (@SamanthaJayne_x)

Simian Meanderings and the Life of Brian by Gavin (@TheOrangutan)

Speech-to-Text (for FREE) by Ashley Claudy (@AYClaudy)

The Importance of Knowing Who You Are (a.k.a. Author Branding) by Michelle Jo Quinn

The Priestess and the Dragon Sequel Sneak Peek by Nicolette Andrews (@NicoletteAndrews)

What else will be up this month?

Stick around and see!

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