Alec’s Story – Blurb & Sneak Peek


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Alec’s Story – Book III of the Dogs, Bats & Monkeys Series


Half-shifter, half-vampire, Alec doesn’t really fit in with either species. He likes to use his looks and sex to manipulate people, would start a strife out of boredom, carelessly admits to killing another vampire and doesn’t seem capable of caring for anyone except himself and his cousin Vika.

Adrian – or Ian to his friends – is a workaholic, dedicated to protecting his Sentinel colleagues and innocent ordinary humans and supernatural beings. Those familiar with him know that beneath the serious and often reserved exterior lies the loving heart of a good man, one who endangers himself each day so others will be safe.

Ian is a relationship kind of guy and Alec isn’t; Ian is in the Crime Division of the Sentinel Order and Alec is a suspect in several crimes – those are just two of Ian’s reasons to fight his growing attraction towards Alec. But Ian’s resistance is something that Alec finds amusing and the rebellious half-breed now has a new goal: make the strict Sentinel into his intimate playmate.

Sneak Peek:

“There’s ice cream in the fridge.”

I didn’t need Simon to tell me that. There always was ice cream in their fridge. Just in case I decided to stop by for a quick fuck. That way I’d have a snack for afterwards. Something I’d enjoy consuming; something other than their blood and bodies.

Not that those weren’t given to me willingly. I didn’t even have to call first. I’d show up and both he and his girlfriend would be eager to please me.

After all, I pleased them in turn.

Naked, I headed for the kitchen of their small apartment. I liked the location. It was in the shady part of town, a place where people were used to screams and nobody lectured you about keeping it down when you were screwing.

Some of the neighbors probably got off by my playmates shouting.

Sarah was a screamer, loud and unapologetic; Simon was more restrained at first, but once you got him hot and bothered, you’d hear him beg for release from a mile away.

I hopped on their counter – there was only one in the room – and opened the plastic container before filling my spoon with vanilla ice cream with honey topping. I brought the treat to my nose and inhaled, grinning as my mouth watered at the sweet aroma.

I put the ice cream in my mouth, wondering how it would taste to a human. I doubted they could distinguish between all the notes in the flavor. The milk, the different sweeteners… I doubted they could say how many sweeteners there were.


There were seven in the vanilla alone.

I couldn’t say whether I distinguished between them because I was half-Dayer or because I was half-shifter; maybe it was the combination of both. I wasn’t particularly fond of either species.

At least I’m not human, I thought, licking the spoon, the steel adding yet another flavor, one that reminded me of blood.

“You like?” Sarah asked me, sauntering into the kitchen, undressed. She’d stopped a few steps away from me so I could better appreciate her body, angling it sideways to show abundant chest and her ass; the boobs – courtesy of a ex paying a skillful surgeon- were nice, but her backside was too flat for my liking.

“It would go well with almonds,” I answered, shoving another spoonful into my mouth.

Her alluring smile didn’t falter even though I’d made a comment about the cold treat and not her hot body.

I couldn’t say this was because of my charming personality; I knew I was an asshole to them, but I didn’t care. I wanted them for sex, they wanted me for sex – no one said we had to be nice to each other.

The reason why Sarah was smiling at me the way she did was… Well, there were two reasons, actually: one – I was really good in bed, and two – I was gorgeous. The latter was courtesy of my vampire genes. My Dayer vampire genes; you wouldn’t enjoy a Nighter vampire. Not unless you were into claws, scaly skin and violent, painful death.

Your death, which served as a fleeting satisfaction of their thirst for blood.

Dayers and Nighters were both called vampires, but they were as different a subspecies as they came.

Sarah eyed the counter, measuring in her head whether she’d fit beside me.

She wouldn’t.

I’d purposefully spread myself on top so I wouldn’t have to share the surface.

“Round two?” She purred suggestively.

“Not tonight.” My spoon scraped against the bottom of the ice cream container.

Her salacious smile disappeared only for a second.

“Are you sure?” She playfully ran her fingers up my bare thigh.

I licked the last of my vanilla treat from my spoon and jumped to the floor.

“Yeah, I’m sure,” I told her before throwing the ice cream container in the trash bin and heading for the bedroom to get my clothes.

Simon was still on the bed, exhausted, but hopeful. I watched his well-formed chest rise and fall as he breathed, his head down, but his eyes on me. That shy, needy look had a much stronger effect on me than his girlfriend’s lustful smiles.

But I still wasn’t in a mood for either of them tonight.

Maybe I would never be in a mood for them again, I thought as I dressed silently, making a point of ignoring them; Sarah had entered the room right after me.

Sex was good, but I knew them too well and I knew what to expect in bed. This was getting boring. I needed someone new to hype me up. Maybe I’d swing by Deviant after I get out of here; the club was always packed so there were plenty of people to chose from there.

I didn’t feel like enduring the loud music though. The volume was too high for humans and even worse for us Dayers.

I stepped outside Simon and Sarah’s apartment and lit a cig, deciding to skip the clubs and go back to my hotel. I’d check the lobby and bar for anyone interesting and if there wasn’t, I’d head up to my penthouse.

Luca would be there, of course. I’d pour him a glass of milk and we can cuddle on the sofa and watch movies afterwards. Unless he was in the mood to scratch or bite me tonight. I never knew what was going through that cat’s mind and that was one of the reasons I loved him so much.

Humans were mostly predictable, but my Russian Blue roommate wasn’t.

A few blocks down, I’d already finished my smoke – vanilla-scented, of course – and threw the cigarette butt to the ground as I leisurely strolled through the neighborhood. If I was a human, I’d probably be in a hurry to get away from here. It was nearing 3 a.m. and most of the street lights weren’t working. The only people out were those who were up to no good.

But I was a Dayer. Stronger and faster, with better reflexes and better vision, I could easily break human bones or choke a person to death… Maybe snack on them a bit.

Disposing of the body might be troublesome, but it wasn’t impossible. All I had to do was…

As I turned around the corner, my thoughts went from murder to sex.

I was looking at his back, but I instantly recognized him. The short dark hair, the strong shoulders under a light grey sweatshirt – was he supposed to be undercover tonight? – the beautifully round ass under the blue jeans.

I licked my lips.

My smile was wicked.

Why hello there, Adrian Monroe!

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