Alec Trivia & Mini Interview


Last week, I gave you a sneak peek from the third book in the Dogs, Bats & Monkeys series – Alec’s story, which still doesn’t have a title. Since Alec is a fan favourite, I’ve decided to give you a little bit more of him: a mini interview with things my Wattpad readers have been wondering about him, sixteen facts about Alec and a chance to help be build Alec. How?

Read on and find out!

A mini interview with Alec:

Me *sitting on a couch with my arms crossed over my chest and tapping my foot against the floor*: You are late.

*Alec leans against the doorframe*

Alec: Be grateful I showed up at all.

Me: You are my character. You are supposed to do what I want you to.

*He tilts his head to the side*

Alec: Doesn’t always work that way, does it?

*I sigh*

Me: Just sit down.

Alec: No need. I don’t plan on sticking around for long.

Me: But…

Alec: So you better ask your questions.

Me: But…

Alec: Now will be a good time. You know I’m not the patient type.

*I look down at my notes*

Me: The questions are about your family…

*I look up at him; his lips are set in a hard line*

Me *muttering*: I am your creator so you should answer me…

Alec: Whatever. *He shrugs* Just ask.

Me: Okay. @Wonder_Ghost wonders if you had a chance to go back in time, what would you change and if you had a chance, would you ran away with your dad? Not to live in the shifters’ community, but somewhere far?

Alec: I’ve never liked dogs. That’s why I have Luca.

Me: Actually, that cat walked in through your window and made himself at home. I think he decided he’d live with you before you thought of that. But I digress. Give us a longer answer.

Alec: He’s boring as Hell. Why would I run away with him?

Me *cough and looks down, shuffling my notes*: Some readers seem to think that you feel abandoned by Everett and that you are purposefully trying to distance yourself from him to punish him for leaving you to be raised by your mother and her family.

Alec *pretending to be bored*: He did abandon me.

Me: He was underage, you are illegitimate and the judge decided that your mother should get custody. Everett visited you whenever the court allowed him.

Alec: So you pointed out in We are the Answer.

Me: So you don’t appreciate the efforts he made to see you as often as he could?

Alec: I don’t believe in giving out A for effort. You either succeed or you don’t. Everett is obviously a loser. Again: why would I want to be with him?

Me: If he is such a looser, why do you visit him in You are the Answer and We are the Answer?

*A slow grin spreads on his face*

Alec: I only did so because I was bored. Visiting the Silver Bullets always puts the whole pack on edge. That’s fun for me.

Me: And what about your vampire kin? How was life with them? And please give more than a one-word answer. It’s a question @phoebeliciou asked and you know she’s a huge fan of yours.

Alec: They have power and money, and connections. They taught me not to compromise and to always get my way.

Me: You mean, to be a total jack-ass, not care for anyone’s feelings and to step on others?

Alec: If that’s what it takes. You are either on top or at the bottom. I’m always high, high on top.

*His grin turns wicked*

Alec: Well, maybe not always. I do like to switch things up in bed.

Me *licking my dry lips*: So… You were happy with the Maksimoffs?

Alec: Happy? When did I say such a thing? All I said was that they were useful. Manipulative, scheming, abusive, backstabbing, but useful.

Me: And to think I’ll have to write about them in your book…

Alec: Yeah, you should get on with that.

Me: I’m writing in chronological order. First I have to finish We are the Answer, then write Keri’s Sentiments & Reason, and then we get to your book.

*He pushes himself off the doorframe and turns his back to me*

Me: Where are you going?

Alec: I’m getting bored so I’m leaving. I’m thinking about Deviant. There’s always someone to hook up with there. And then I’ll go for an ice cream or a milkshake.

Me: Why did I make you such an annoying brat?

Alec: You felt like it.

*He turns around long enough to give me a grin*

Alec: And now you have to live with the bastard that I am. In more than one sense of that word.

*Alec leaves while I sit still on the couch, gapping at where he used to be*

Alec Trivia:

  1. Alec is half-wolf shifter, half-Dayer (a vampire subspecies).
  2. Alec’s cousin Vika is the only person Alec openly shows affection to.
  3. The two of them are the only halves in a family of pureblood vampires and both of them were conceived because their grandfather wanted to see whether adding non-vampire genes to the family is going to strengthen the bloodline. For that reason, he ordered his daughter Anastasiya to seduce the wolf shifter Everett (who had the potential of becoming the next Silver Bullets Alpha) and his daughter Ekaterina to seduce a human Sentinel. The first couple produced Alec and the second – Vika.
  4. Alec hates Pop Rocks. Not because of the taste, but because  they are too loud for his vampire/shifter hearing when they pop into his mouth.
  5. Alec loves sweets, especially ice cream and milkshakes. Favorite flavors include vanilla, honey and banana, often topped with nuts such as caramelized almonds.
  6. Alec’s pet Luca – a Russian Blue cat – shares his owner’s love for vanilla ice cream.
  7. Alec likes Luca because he can’t always tell what the animal is thinking. He finds this entertaining.quote-1-from-alecs-story-part-of-the-dogs-bats-monkeys-series-by-dilyana-kyoseva-catmint5-on-wattpad
  8. Alec can’t swim and doesn’t want to learn how to even though he has a pool in his penthouse.
  9. He owns a piano and a violin and can play both, but prefers the piano.
  10. He doesn’t show a preference to any genre and sleeps with both females and males, using sex as means of entertainment or achieving a goal.
  11. That goal is often to drink his partner’s blood. Not only when he’s hungry, but because he enjoys the reactions he gets, the other person’s nervous excitement or even fear.
  12. Most of Alec’s money comes from him modeling for fashion magazines and artists.
  13. Some of the people he’s slept with have tried to keep him by their side by buying him presents, taking him out to expensive restaurants or going on exotic vacations with him. Sometimes they give him money so he can buy things for himself. Alec has no moral qualms taking advantage of that, but he never hooks up because of the money; he just views it as a bonus.
  14. The penthouse Alec lives in is a present from an artist he poses for and who is Alec’s on and off sex partner.
  15. When I created Alec, I just wanted him to be a jerk. It wasn’t until a couple of months ago that I decided to show why he might be acting like one. Even so, he became one of my readers’ favorite characters right from the first chapter of You are the Answer. Not only that, but for the past (give or take) two years, many readers made up excuses for him when he was being a complete ass to the other characters. It still puzzles me as to why, since for a book and a half he had no redeeming qualities whatsoever.
  16. I like writing about Alec. I like writing scenes with Alec. I created Alec and until recently I didn’t really know much about Alec. I still know a lot less about him than I do with most of my other characters, but I’m slowly learning.

Let’s build Alec!

Have a say in what Alec looks like! Vote for the features you think would suit him/you want for him. How?



When the poll opens, click on the box of each feature you want Alec to have. If you want to give details about this (for example: I want Alec to have a black dragon tattoo on his back) or add something of your own, click Other and type in whatever you wish.

Don’t forget to hit that Vote button once you are done.

That’s it!


Read the drafts of the Dogs, Bats & Monkeys series on Wattpad for FREE:

  • Book I, Version I – You are the Answer (a.k.a. Riley’s POV) – full-length, completed
  • Book I, Version II – We are the Answer (a.k.a. Rhys’ POV) – full-length, completed
  • Book II – Sentiments & Reason – full-length, ongoing (updated on Sundays)
  • A Day Just For Us – one-shot about Rhys and Riley, completed
  • Dogs, Bats & Monkeys Series – Naughty Bits – I wanted to keep YATA/WATA PG-13, but my readers wanted something a little more adult to happen between Rhys and Riley so I gave them this scene – and it’s really more of a scene than a chapter. People who don’t feel comfortable with mature content can skip this without missing out on the plot.

These are first drafts. They’ve been proofread, but no major edits were done to them.

Find other Dogs, Bats & Monkeys goodies here:

3 thoughts on “Alec Trivia & Mini Interview

  1. Good as in “a good person” or “oh, he said something clever… he’s good”?

    PS: Kennedy loves Pop Rocks, but only in human form. They pop too loud if he tries them in wolf form. Now you know something about him too 😉


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