Story Fair 2016 – Let’s Enter a Few GIVEAWAYS & Win Some Prizes!


It’s that time of the year – the time that the Story Fair is here!

I didn’t help organize it this time (unlike last year’s First Annual Story Fair), but I’m participating and I’m even hosting a giveaway. But first things first: what’s the Story Fair?

The Story Fair is an online event, held on facebook, in which wattpaders who write in pretty much every genre imaginable (if not more) showcase their Wattpad stories. There are games and there are giveaways, and you can win anything from a Wattpad shout-out to an Amazon gift card.


Three things, actually:

  1. A shout-out to my 5K Wattpad audience
  2. A first chapter review (the winner picks which of their stories I’ll give feedback on)
  3. A chapter dedication (the winner can choose from which of my Wattpad stories)


There are two simple ways and each counts as one entry. If you do both things, you get two entries and yep, that means a bigger chance at winning.

Entry Option 1:

See the image below?

It’s my banner for the event.Β Click on it. It will take you to a facebook post. Just comment on it with your favorite genre.

Entry Option 2:

Leave a comment on the first chapter of We are the Answer, then click on the image below and comment with your Wattpad user name.


The giveaway is running for as long as the Story Fair is on – from September 17 to September 18.

Don’t forget to check out the other participants’ giveaways and games, and, of course, to have fun!

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